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APB Speaker Nick Kristof Shares Actionable Coronavirus Plan

19 Mar 2020

APB Speaker Nick Kristof Shares Actionable Coronavirus Plan

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and APB speaker Nick Kristof published his 12-step coronavirus action plan in the New York Times Opinion section, drawing from both public health research and his decades of experience covering dire situations all over the world and at home. Kristof’s 12-step plan is very clear, which is a welcome contrast to the uncertainty of current events. He recommends measures such as setting up drive-through testing, suspending the vacations of health workers and passing paid sick leave legislation. Kristof points out that flattening the curve is our best option, saying, “we are much better off if 100 million Americans contract the coronavirus over 18 months than over 18 weeks.”   

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Nick Kristof is one of the most trusted voices in journalism, having won multiple Pulitzer Prizes in his celebrated career, including a first-ever joint Pulitzer for the husband-and-wife team of him and his wife, Sheryl WuDunn. The duo just released their new book Tightrope, which turns the lens of their incisive reporting towards more personal territory, investigating the systemic failure to support the American working class, starting with the stories of the kids Nick grew up with, many of whom are incarcerated or experiencing substance use. There is very little that Nick Kristof hasn’t covered over the course of his career and, throughout all of it, he has been a voice for truth and morality—as he continues to be now, during this challenging moment in global history.   

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