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APB Speaker Wes Moore Highlights COVID-19 Risks for the Homeless & Working Poor

18 Mar 2020

APB Speaker Wes Moore Highlights COVID-19 Risks for the Homeless & Working Poor

APB’s Wes Moore joined Stephania Ruhle on MSNBC to explain the extreme risks that coronavirus poses on the poor and homeless populations, pointing out that the most vulnerable among us need to be protected in this unprecedented crisis. Moore, who is the CEO of the anti-poverty organization Robin Hood NYC, highlighted the dangers for the homeless who rely on resources such as shelters and food banks, as well as to the many working people in our society who are “one shock away” from poverty. 

Moore also used his platform to remind us that the ability to work from home is a privilege — one that many low-income earners in service-based industries lack. This is a sobering reminder of the risks that this pandemic creates for those who were already stretched thin and struggling to make ends meet.    

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Moore is one of the preeminent voices speaking today on the hard intersections of class, race, education, poverty, health and opportunity. His latest book, Five Days, out this Spring, delves into the aftermath of the infamous death of Freddie Gray in police custody and the fallout in Moore’s home city of Baltimore. Moore reminds us that, in the midst of a pandemic, we have much to be grateful for and much to protect.    

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