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APB’s Jeffrey Selingo Says “Colleges Are Deeply Unequal Workplaces”

02 Sep 2020

APB’s Jeffrey Selingo Says “Colleges Are Deeply Unequal Workplaces”

As both an observer of higher education and an insider with academic appointments at two universities, APB speaker Jeffrey Selingo occupies a unique position to explain higher education’s critical and influential role in the world economy. In his latest article in The Atlantic, Selingo explains how, as colleges are preparing to reopen, they are overlooking the concerns of campus staff. 

This pandemic has exposed longstanding cracks in the campus workplace. Although faculty and staff work for the same university, faculty, by definition, enjoy more job security and power to shape how the university runs, while campus staff continue to be far more vulnerable. “What happens to those faculty and staff silos—and the future of many jobs on campuses—hangs in the balance this fall. If campuses reopen to students but most faculty teach remotely, students and administrators who show up might see more clearly how staff are the connective tissue holding campuses together...” Selingo says. 

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An expert on higher education, Jeffrey Selingo has written countless books on the current landscape of college and what lies ahead. His third book, Who Gets In & Why: A Year Inside College Admissions, is out this September and will take readers on a journey from the inside of admissions offices, revealing what really matters in the selection process and how, ultimately, decisions are based a college’s agenda and its priorities rather than the quality of applicants. 

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