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APB Speaker Daniel E. Dawes J.D. Helped Create Monumental New Health Equity Tracker

04 Jun 2021

APB Speaker Daniel E. Dawes J.D. Helped Create New Health Equity Tracker, and It’s Monumental

There is a new data map that will help track systemic health disparities across the country, and APB speaker and health policy expert Daniel E. Dawes J.D. helped create it. "A game-changer, while still in its initial phases, the Health Equity Tracker will provide us the opportunity to track the health inequities plaguing this country,” said Dawes, to Fierce Healthcare 

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Not only is Dawes working on a 40-million-dollar grant from the CDC to solve COVID-19 disparities, he is also helping create the Health Equity Tracker alongside the CDC and Google. The tool will unlock data to inform public health experts as well as policymaker community leaders to better understand and address the health disparities impacting BIPOC communities in the U.S.

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