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"Addy Hour" - New Podcast from APB Exclusive Dr. Nii Addy

02 Mar 2021

"Addy Hour" - New Podcast from APB Exclusive Dr. Nii Addy

We all want to experience life satisfaction and emotional health. But getting to that place is another matter. From lockdowns to isolation, ongoing racial injustice to political turmoil, lost lives and lost jobs — this past year has tested our minds and bodies in profound ways. During the Addy Hour podcast, APB exclusive speaker Dr. Nii Addy will discuss topics at the intersection of brain science, mental health, faith, culture and social justice. Featuring community leaders, scientists, professional athletes, entertainers, faith leaders, and mental health experts, Addy Hour engages listeners with dynamic conversations and insights.

+Listen to Episode 1: Wellness, Pandemics, Race & Politics

Our goal is wellness and health, which seem ever elusive amid a pandemic, the challenges of racial injustices, and the toxicity of our politics. We yearn to move on and past these strains. In this episode, we’ll instead lean into them. You’ll hear unique perspectives, explore uncomfortable topics and experience the power of truthful dialogue. We’ll move ahead together in a conversation with Dr. Jeff Gardere, psychologist and professor, and Dr. Andra Gillespie, political science professor and public scholar.

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