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APB Speaker Shawnee Delaney Featured on ‘Spy’ Website

22 Nov 2021

APB Speaker Shawnee Delaney Featured on ‘Spy’ Website

Is it possible to catch a cyber spy red-handed? If you are APB speaker Shawnee Delaney, the answer is yes. Delaney, a decorated Intelligence Officer, Licensed Private Investigator, Insider Threat Expert and Founder of Vaillance Group, was recently featured in an article on Spyscape, a website that includes articles, videos and exclusive insights from the experts in secrets. In the piece, she shares stories about her work, including flushing out a suspected Chinese spy and a worker at another company who leaked sensitive corporate information to the media.

Ferreting out insider threats is just another day in the office for Delaney. Vaillance Group specializes in human risk assessments, insider threat program development and specialized training. In the fight against both malicious and unintentional threats, Vaillance leverages Delaney’s unparalleled knowledge of insider threats to protect its clients’ assets, people and information. 

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Vaillance is not Delaney’s first rodeo. A certified case officer and alumnus of "The Farm," the CIA’s iconic training facility, Delaney spent nearly a decade with the Defense Intelligence Agency conducting clandestine Human Intelligence (HUMINT) operations all over the world, including four combat zone tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.  

Delaney's civilian client back catalog boasts industries like big pharma and big tech. She led the development and implementation of Uber's first-ever insider threat program, with a special focus on their autonomous vehicles program. She also led complex corporate investigations all over the globe targeting fraud, platform abuse, data exfiltration and attribution of unauthorized disclosures. At Merck Pharmaceuticals, she created and personally delivered a cutting-edge training program to over 5,000 employees as part of their intellectual property and trade secrets protection program, setting a record for positive employee feedback that, to her knowledge, still stands to this day. There, she also created interactive, multidisciplinary training packages for 45,000 employees on insider threat, workplace violence and active shooter awareness that had an emphasis—despite the inherently dry nature of some of the material—on engagement, impact and fun. 

“Every company, every person, everyone thinks it can’t happen to them—until it does,” Delaney says about the vulnerability of every business.  

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