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Burnout is real. And your faculty, staff and students are experiencing it. Dr. Eva can help.

25 Apr 2022

Burnout is real. And your faculty, staff, leaders and students are experiencing it right now.

Study after study has shown that stress and burnout are at an all-time high and morale is hitting record lows as colleges and universities across the country continue to deal with the havoc the pandemic has wreaked. Nearly everyone’s physical and mental health is being affected. Feeling overwhelmed, stretched too thin and exhausted with a lack of motivation and engagement should not be part of a job description or college experience. The good news? We can help.

Dr. Eva Selhub is an internationally recognized expert on resiliency, burnout and stress reduction. She specializes in helping individuals and organizations improve health, wellbeing, productivity and outcomes via virtual three-part workshops. Sharing stories from her own life and career as a physician and educator, Dr. Selhub provides specific strategies and tactics for maintaining equilibrium and building resilience in the face of stressful campus environments. Your audience will learn how to:

  • Free themselves from the stress that weighs them down.
  • Build their resilience.
  • Build up their physical, mental and spiritual muscles.

As a speaker, Dr. Selhub combines humor and compassion with her gift of translating complex information into practical and usable knowledge that any individual can access. Her three-part virtual workshop provides the tools campus leaders need—whether faculty, staff or students—for transformative change in both their personal and professional lives. The workshop can be customized based on location, student make-up, size and key campus issues.

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