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No Coding? No Problem, Says APB Speaker Phil Simon in His Latest Book

18 Nov 2022

No Coding? No Problem, Says APB Speaker Phil Simon in His Latest Book

Did you know that two in three employers can’t find qualified candidates to fill their open IT positions? And by 2024, the deficit of software developers in the U.S. alone will hit 500,000? Supply and demand for techies are out of whack and, most alarmingly, there’s no end in sight.

But before you freak out, know that there is a solution. In his just-released book, Award-Winning Author, Workplace Guru and APB Speaker Phil Simon illustrates how, thanks to powerful new tools and a new breed of employees, organizations are finally fulfilling critical business needs and reducing their reliance on pricey software developers.

Low-Code/No-Code: Citizen Developers and the Surprising Future of Business Applications was just released this week. It is an invaluable treasure trove of insightful analysis, synthesis, examples and advice for IT leaders, small business owners and managers, freelancers and solopreneurs, project managers and proper coders who want to expedite their own development efforts. It’s Simon’s 13th book. “I firmly believe that the next trillion-dollar company will be one of the existing no-code vendors that Phil Simon lists in his compelling new book,” says Jon Darbyshire, CEO and co-founder of Smart Suite. “It is a must-read if you are interested in the future of software development.“

Simon is one of the world’s foremost authorities on workplace tech and a dynamic speaker. A former college professor, Simon helps organizations communicate, collaborate and use technology better. Harvard Business Review, the MIT Sloan Management Review, Wired, NBC, CNBC, BusinessWeek and The New York Times have featured his contributions. He also hosts the podcast Conversations About Collaboration.

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