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World Mental Health Day: Education, Awareness & Advocacy

06 Oct 2022

World Mental Health Day: Education, Awareness & Advocacy

World Mental Health Day is honored each year on October 10th with the goal of raising awareness of mental health issues around the globe. An opportunity for advocates and mental health experts to share their stories, experiences, research and more, the day is dedicated to raising awareness, eliminating the stigma and shining the spotlight on what needs to be done to make mental health care a reality for all. Take a look at some of our experts below who continue to lead the charge in mobilizing change.

Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist® and Best-Selling Author
Veny is fiercely committed to empowering people to discover the gift of emotional wellness so they can accelerate personal and professional growth. He has been recognized as one of the 100 most influential people in the healthcare industry for his work with patient advocacy. Determined to overcome a lifetime of serious mental health challenges, his career began as a professional drummer and evolved into becoming a changemaker in the workplace wellness industry.

Best-Selling Author & Podcast Host, Terrible Thanks for Asking
From her top five viral TED Talk to hosting the acclaimed podcast Terrible Thanks for Asking, McInerny specializes in difficult topics by drawing from her own story of profound loss: during six hellish weeks in 2014, she miscarried her second baby, lost her Dad to cancer and became a widow at age 31 when her husband died from brain cancer. In the ensuing years, McInernry became a "reluctant grief specialist" and engages with audiences on a deeply personal and universally human level. 

Subject of the Disney+ Film Safety & Founder of Ray Ray Safety Net Foundation
McElrathbey spent his childhood dealing with a mother who was a drug addict and father who was in and out of his life due to his own demons. He often lived with his coaches due to an unstable family life. Overcoming these struggles, he still managed to earn a football scholarship to Clemson University. Both inspirational and motivational, he shares the emotional story of overcoming obstacles, childhood trauma and personal struggles weaved together with humor and moments of unbelievable triumph.

Best-Selling Author & Former VP of Talent and Development at Comedy Central
Once best known as the Executive in Charge of the Emmy- and Peabody Award-winning show, Key & Peele, Schuster turned her struggle with chronic anxiety and depression into a best-selling book and a mission to help others. Her humorous takes on taking charge of one’s mental health—always backed by empowering action steps—have won praise from readers ranging from Wharton professor Adam Grant to Academy Award-winner, Anjelica Huston and best-selling author, Glennon Doyle.

Neuroscientist, Yale Professor & Mental Health Advocate
We all want to experience life satisfaction and emotional health. But getting to that place is another matter. A sought-after speaker and popular podcast host, Dr. Addy engages listeners with dynamic conversations and insights as he explores topics at the intersection of brain science, mental health, faith, culture and social justice.