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Adriana  Sanford

Adriana Sanford

Chilean-American Influencer, Award-Winning Global Threats Expert, International TV Commentator & Former Fortune 10 Regional Counsel


Adriana Sanford, J.D., dual LL.M., is a world-renowned award-winning global threats expert, former Fortune 10 regional counsel, author, university professor, humanitarian, and Chilean-American international TV commentator, who appeared regularly as a CNN Español analyst on privacy and cyber-related breaking news to 93+ million viewers.  Her research and scholarly work focus on today’s multijurisdictional privacy and global security challenges that include severe repercussions for non-compliance, such as hefty fines, criminal liability, and possibly even physical danger. She provides some of the keynote addresses at the world’s top technology, cyber, legal, audit, and compliance industry conferences, including for the SuperConference 2019 sponsored by the Association of Corporate Counsel on issues of importance to in-house counsel, such as the multi-jurisdictional practice of law. Sanford also co-authored two books on ethics and global threats that the Institute for Supply Management adopted for its centennial anniversary, Business Ethics: A Guide To Surviving Storms, Challenges, and Ethical Risks and Ética Empresarial. Read More >

For over a decade, Sanford has distinguished herself by educating executives, thousands of college students, and the public at large on cybersecurity and global privacy laws. With multiple law degrees and fluency in four languages, she has served as a keynote speaker at more than 140 industry conferences throughout the United States and Latin America. Sanford obtained her law degrees from Georgetown University Law Center and the Notre Dame Law School. She serves remotely as Of Counsel for one of Chile’s leading law firms, has assisted companies with building privacy programs, and has provided privacy training to employees in Mexico, Panama, Peru, Colombia, Chile, Dominican Republic, and Guatemala. Sanford currently serves on the Advisory Board of ISSA-LA and previously served on the Board of Directors of Amnesty International USA and as a member of the World Economic Forum’s Advisory Committee.

Sanford was featured in Women in Security: Changing the Face of Technology and Innovation in 2018 and was named Cybersecurity Woman Law & Privacy Professional at the CSWY inaugural awards ceremony in 2019. Recently, Sanford served as a VIP speaker for Microsoft’s Employee Giving & Corporate Giving Program during the National Cybersecurity Awareness Month of October in 2021. She was a keynote speaker for LA Mayor Eric Garcetti’s 2019 Los Angeles Cyber Lab and is the keynote speaker for the 2022 Cybersecurity Women of the Year Awards Gala in Las Vegas, Nevada. She is also a keynote speaker for the 2022 ISSA-LA Security Summit XII in Santa Monica, California, and a featured speaker for the 2022 InfoSec World event in Orlando, Florida.

Sanford is often described as an ‘audience grabber’ and as having “the unique ability to speak to students, captains of industry, and academicians all in the same audience." Read Less ^

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The Evolution of Privacy on a Global Basis

The practice of cybersecurity law continues to develop and mature as corporate counsel, external law firms, and corporate boards struggle to become familiar with the subject matter. Today’s challenges include severe repercussions for non-compliance, such as hefty fines and possibly even criminal liability. This increasingly complex security landscape, along with the remote and hybrid workplace environment, requires that an organization map the data that needs to be protected according to the geographies in which they do business. Privacy rights give individuals greater control over their personal information and how it is used. Gain an overview of the history of privacy-related issues, including the encryption explosion, bulk data retention, electronic gag orders, and more. In this course, we will compare the world’s privacy frameworks on several continents. You will also develop a basic understanding of the evolving array of cutting-edge issues associated with new technologies, artificial intelligence, and biometrics.

The Role of the C-Suite in the Privacy Framework

The United States does not have a comprehensive national privacy law. One of the top concerns for executives and corporate boards is privacy and the handling of personal and sensitive data as standards differ from state to state (as well as country to country). California has the strongest privacy protections, but four additional states have also enacted their own standards. To reduce potential liability, organizations must capture data properly and identify (1) which data subject can exercise their privacy rights, (2) what privacy rights these data subjects possess, and (3) how such data must be managed.