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Adriana  Sanford

Adriana Sanford

Cyber Security Expert, International TV Commentator, Strategic International Consultant & Author


Following an abduction, Adriana has distinguished herself by educating executives, thousands of college students, and the public at large on global threats and the dangers of corporate corruption. She works with a broad range of global organizations to strengthen responsibility and builds foundations of trust and integrity in foreign markets. She focuses on laws at the international level and how the regulation of global threats from jurisdictions outside the US can create corporate exposure and criminal liability for executives including, among others, laws involving the use of information technology and cryptocurrencies across national boundaries. Her two decades of practical knowledge of global threats in real-world settings sets her apart from other academics in her field. Adriana’s high impact experiential learning courses provide real-world encounters that demonstrate the complexities of open-ended situations and severe consequences for non-compliance in foreign jurisdictions. Last year, Adriana served on the advisory committee of the World Economic Forum’s Partnering Against Corruption Initiative (PACI). The former Lead Counsel for Latin America of a Fortune 50 company is also a regular international television commentator, who reaches over 24 million viewers. Read More >

When Adriana found herself in peril for uncovering illegal schemes that went far beyond white-collar crime, she diligently protected her team, and then she turned her path towards teaching and educating others. With decades of international corporate law experience, Adriana serves as a keynote to leading think tanks, non-profits, and companies in the US, Mexico and Chile. A part-time faculty member at Loyola Marymount University and Pepperdine University, she has lectured at more than 100 industry conferences and forums.

Adriana is also an expert topic writer for the Institute for Supply Management’s Forward Scan corporate program and Inside Supply Management Magazine. Her latest articles include Human Trafficking: The Global Economy’s Plague on Humanity” and Balancing Security and Privacy in an Innovative World”.  She is the coauthor of three books --- Women in Security Changing the Face of Technology and Innovation; A Guide to Surviving Storms, Challenges, and Ethical Risks; and Ética Empresarial: Una perspectiva global.

Academically, Adriana holds multiple law degrees and postgraduate studies in global management. After obtaining a JD from Notre Dame Law School, where she attended the yearlong Concannon Programme of International Law at ND's London campus, Adriana received a dual master of laws (LL.M.) degree in Taxation and International and Comparative law from Georgetown University Law Center.  She also completed a two-year study abroad at Villa Maria Academy in Chile, before receiving her B.A. in political science from Arizona State University. Adriana is fluent in four languages and regularly does media interviews in English and Spanish. Read Less ^

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Significant progress has occurred through the sharing of practices and lessons learned. Consistent legislation in geopolitical areas, however, is not always available. Learn how to ethically protect your company and your team against non-compliance when US laws does not mesh with foreign laws, as decisions may carry personal criminal liability or have strong repercussions on a global scale. Executives need clear guidance as to the way forward when the US and foreign governments fail to endorse consistent principles in the new security landscape.

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