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Adriana  Sanford

Adriana Sanford

Award-Winning Cybersecurity & Privacy Law Expert, International Advocate, International TV Commentator, CNN Español Analyst


Adriana Sanford, J.D., dual LL.M, is a global threats expert, international television commentator, international corporate lawyer, educator, author, and humanitarian. She is an award-winning cybersecurity and global privacy laws expert with decades of experience in compliance, investigations, and security, who appears regularly as a CNN Español analyst to over 93 million viewers throughout the U.S. and Latin America. A global speaker with "magnetic and suspenseful delivery," she has been asked to provide the keynote address at some of the world's top conferences, including to hundreds of General Counsel and senior legal leaders from Fortune 1000 companies at the Corporate Counsel's 19th Annual SuperConference. She is Private Equity International’s keynote to hundreds of Chief Compliance Officers and compliance professionals for the upcoming Private Fund Compliance Forum in New York. Read More >

A visionary thinker with fluency in four languages and multiple law degrees from Georgetown and Notre Dame, she has extensive experience advising, training, and educating Executive Management. She is a former member of the Advisory Committee of the World Economic Forum’s Partnering Against Corruption Initiative; former delegate of the Asian-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) CEO Summit in Chile; former Amnesty International USA board member; is a recipient of the 2019 Cybersecurity Woman Law and Privacy Professional of the Year Award that celebrates “female cybersecurity leaders changing the world;” and was featured in Women in Security Changing the Face of Technology and Innovation. She has served as a keynote at more than 140 industry conferences through organizations such as ISSA, ISACA, SCCE, CSA, CIEPLAN, Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA), and Rotary International. In response to COVID-19, she has founded and presides over The University of Oklahoma Global Risks & Threats Series Leadership Forum, which is comprised of cyber intelligence

Her research, scholarly work, and publications focus on laws at the international level, where multijurisdictional laws conflict and possible outcomes for corporate non-compliance includes high penalties, criminal liability, and physical danger for executives in foreign territories. In her professional career, Dr. Sanford has had to face times of tremendous adversity while confronting international organized crime and its links to corporate fraud and other forms of business malfeasance. Her extensive experience with global threats spans well over two decades and includes a foreign drug cartel and an illegal scheme involving Russian loans that resulted in the arrest and 30-year imprisonment of her former employer's CEO, as well as her abduction while on company business. With this setback, the former regional counsel of a Fortune 10 came back stronger and co-authored two books on global threats that were adopted by the largest institute in the world for supply chain leaders. She then further distinguished herself by educating corporate executives, thousands of college students, and the public at large, on the dangers of corporate corruption.  She is frequently described as “an audience grabber” and as having “the unique ability to speak to captains of industry, college students, and academicians all in the same audience.”

She is the Acting Director of Executive Education for the Gene Rainbolt School of Business, Senior Fellow at OU’s Center of Intelligence and National Security, and a Faculty member of the Michael F. Price College of Business. She also serves as Of Counsel with a leading Chilean law firm, Puga Ortiz and is licensed to practice law in California. Among her previous roles, she has served as Visiting Professor at the Universidad de Talca, as a Georgetown Law Dean’s Visiting Scholar, an ASU Lincoln Professor of Global Corporate Compliance and Ethics to 80,000 students, and as ASU’s Residential Faculty Fellow for the College of Liberal Arts. She has taught more than 7,200 MBA, MiM, and undergraduate students through several top-tier business schools in the U.S. and abroad, including Pepperdine, Loyola Marymount, Universidad de Talca, and Arizona State University. Read Less ^

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The ‘Great Lockdown’ created a global workforce disruption. Examine how businesses and governments have adopted innovative measures in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic to increase employee productivity, reduce liabilities, and humanize the digital experience. Many people never worked from home prior to the COVID-19 pandemic and businesses lacked the appropriate policies, necessary tools, and IT infrastructure to support a properly working remote environment.  While remote workers struggled to access work files using unprotected devices, senior management and boards of directors scrambled to develop remote working strategies to prevent company operations from being disrupted.

The Impact of Global Privacy Laws: CCPA, GDPR, as well as Variations & Spin-Offs Therefrom

Learn how the differences between global privacy laws impact your business' data privacy operation. Landmark rulings and new laws in the US and foreign territories have far-reaching implications on how personal data is being collected, stored, accessed, and used in the United States. As outsourcing and innovative technology continues to sweep the world, many small and medium-sized businesses are looking to one another for guidance on how to adapt their policies to suit the current environment and comply with the General Data Protection Regulation  (GDPR), California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), as well as variations and spin-offs therefrom.

Dangerous Security & Legal Risks Created from the Imperative to Work-From-Home in the Wake of COVID-19

Preparing for business continuity and disaster recovery after widespread closures of establishments and product shortages requires an understanding of fast-moving issues and the ability to readily adapt. All companies will need to address compliance risks, anticipate new regulations and reforms, and adapt to uncertain circumstances. Businesses need to reconsider how to best manage risks and implement effective responses to legal concerns and unprecedented challenges, while continuing to build value and protect their intellectual property rights.