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AK  Pradeep

AK Pradeep

CEO of MachineVantage


Dr. Pradeep is a leading international business consultant and entrepreneur, having launched a series of successful firms across a number of categories. Most recently, he is the founder and CEO of MachineVantage, an advanced high technology enterprise specializing in the application of artificial intelligence and machine learning for innovation in product development and marketing. Dr. Pradeep co-authored the new book, AI For Marketing And Product Innovation, which Amazon named the “#1 New Release in Business Management.” Read More >

Earlier he founded and was the CEO of Smilables, a computer wearables company designed to revolutionize baby brain development over the critical first two years of life.

Dr. Pradeep also created and served as the CEO of NeuroFocus, which ranks as the world leader in the consumer neuroscience field, with numerous patents for its breakthrough technologies. Following the acquisition of NeuroFocus by Nielsen, Dr. Pradeep served as Chief Provocateur of Nielsen.

He was the founder and Managing Partner of Meridian Consulting LLC, a privately held firm specializing in governance consulting and customizing and applying GE best practices to multiple industry sectors. Prior to that he founded BoardVantage, which provides web-based corporate governance platforms for corporate boards of directors. The company was subsequently acquired by NASDAQ.

At the outset of his career Dr. Pradeep was a scientist at GE Corporate Research and Development where he worked extensively with various global businesses, including medical technologies, satellite navigation systems, and other classified technologies.

Dr. Pradeep’s professional honors include the Great Minds Award from the Advertising Research Foundation, the organization’s top prize which recognizes "an individual who brings excellence to advertising research in the category of research innovation." He was also named “Person of the Year” by the USA India Business Summit for his "impressive innovations and achievements in the field of neuromarketing." Dr. Pradeep has been featured in major media outlets including ABC World News, CNN, The Economist, The New York Times, and many more.

Dr. Pradeep holds over 70 U.S. and international patents and has been published in a range of scientific journals. He is a frequent keynote speaker and panelist at domestic and international business conferences on issues of corporate strategy and marketing. His book The Buying Brain: Secrets for Selling to the Subconscious Mind is a best seller published in multiple languages that offers an in-depth explanation of how the latest advances in neuroscience are impacting brands, products, packaging, in-store marketing, advertising, and entertainment content on a global basis. He is also the author of Governance Beyond Sarbanes Oxley – Five Easy Pieces, a guidebook for board members and senior corporate executives.

Dr. Pradeep earned his Ph.D. in Engineering from the University of California at Berkeley. Read Less ^

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New Frontier of Neuroscience

Neuromarketing & Product Innovation

Speech Topics

The 95% Solution: Understanding How The Non-Conscious Mind Drives Our Daily Decisions - ‘The Why of Buy’

We think we are in conscious control of our lives. That is the illusion that human beings live with, every day. Read More >

But we are not. In fact, as advanced neuroscience has discovered, more than 95% of our daily decisions are made in our non-conscious minds. The implications of that fact are widespread and enormous.

Dr. Pradeep explains how and why that core scientific truth drives almost everything we do, from the purchase decisions we make to all aspects of life in a corporation, even to the selection of our mates, and so much more. Read Less ^

The AI Enterprise: How Companies Are Adopting Artificial Intelligence For Marketplace Success

Artificial intelligence underlies more and more of our world. This unseen, highly advanced technology is rapidly rooting itself in our homes, our cars, and with ever-growing speed, in businesses around the globe. Read More >

Understanding AI — what it is, what it can do, and how to harness it for maximum advantage in the marketplace — is now a critical issue for every enterprise. Using Enterprise Taxonomy as the core Strategy and Tactics Driver enables the rapid development and agile implementation of AI in the fabric of operations.

Dr. Pradeep explains strategic and tactical ways to use AI to drive improvements in every aspect of business operations. Read Less ^

Corporate Governance In The Age Of AI: What Boards Must Know & Ask, In The Boardroom

Boards of directors must deal with a multitude of modern business issues today, far beyond the traditional. What is “Duty of Care” in the Age of the Algorithm? Evaluating the AI strategies and methodologies of an enterprise is fast becoming a key board responsibility. Read More >

Grasping the complexities of enterprise use of AI, and effectively provide oversight might necessitate creating an “AI Committee” in addition to an “Audit Committee” of modern board work. As the founder of BoardVantage, the world’s largest corporate governance infrastructure (recently acquired by Nasdaq), Dr. Pradeep brings a unique perspective to this topic and outlines how boards can master these challenges and forge the path for success. Read Less ^

Supercharge Direct To Consumer & Digital Sales Through Applied AI & Neuroscience

Are your sales strategies and tactics stuck in the ‘90’s? Does “direct to consumer” conjure images of a door to door salesperson lugging encyclopedias or cosmetics? Read More >

Artificial intelligence systems, combined with advanced consumer neuroscience, offer the key to sales success in the 21st century. The “force” in any sales force is not just data – but neuroscience driven insights that enable spotting a lead, closing a deal faster, or commanding a better price.

Dr. Pradeep explains the hows and whys behind the revolutionary processes that are transforming sales for the world’s smartest companies. Read Less ^

The Secret Life Of Brands: Surprising Discoveries Driven By Neuroscience & AI

Why are the most successful brands successful? The key to brand success is understanding how brains perceive brands. Read More >

What are the hidden drivers behind consumers’ choices? Unlocking the 7 dimensions of Neuro Branding provides the answers to these and other critical questions to achieve marketplace mastery, and to build brands for success. Dr. Pradeep takes the audience deep into The Secret Life of Brands. Read Less ^

Smart Stores for Smarter Customers: Neuroscience & AI At Work In The Aisle – Digital & Real

Retail is undergoing seismic shifts. Store failures are skyrocketing. An omnivorous online industry is rewriting all the rules. How can today’s struggling retailers recapture consumers’ attention, engage them how and when and where it matters most, and compete effectively? Read More >

The default strategy is to offer discounts and promotions, drive up trade spend, and drive down profitability. No one wins the race to the bottom.

Dr. Pradeep details the answers and offers a compelling look into the ‘smart store’ that is right around the corner that utilizes Neuroscience and AI to surprise and delight customers. Read Less ^

No More Marketplace Misses: AI & Neuroscience Revolutionize New Product Development

The new product gamble has always been just that. What kind of proctors can effectively monitor and minimize the gamble? Read More >

80% of new products fail—and fail quickly—at enormous cost. This cost is not just business loss, but “Optimism Loss”, and is demoralizing to employees, customers, and shareholders. Failure has many lessons, but so does success – so why not build success and learn from it?

Companies today are starting to take the dice off the table and replacing them with the brilliant twin technologies of artificial intelligence and neuroscience. Minimize risk, innovate faster, and set up for success. Dr. Pradeep describes the tools, tips, and tricks that AI and advanced neuroscience offer to guide the most successful new product introductions. Read Less ^

“The Doctor Is in The House”: Clinics & Practical Tips To Apply Neuroscience & AI Learnings

Reality TV meets Neuroscience problem solving. “Give me your tired brands, your poor ads, your huddled packages yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your digital advertising. Send these, the rudderless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my Neuroscience and AI lamp beside the golden door!” Read More >

If you’re not appealing to the non-conscious mind…if your products, services, marketing and every other element of your business aren’t aligned for maximum impact and effectiveness…you are already at a severe competitive disadvantage.

Dr. Pradeep, the world’s acknowledged expert in consumer neuroscience and applied AI, delivers a series of practical, actionable tips and insights and solves your problems in real time. Read Less ^

Mad Men Meet Mind Men: Neuroscience & AI Revolutionize Advertising

Disrupting the advertising agency and creative ideation market, one algorithm at a time, and one NeuroDesign element at a time. Can every ad go viral? Why not? Read More >

The good news is, companies don’t have to hire computer scientists or neuroscientists to do so. The powerful twin forces of artificial intelligence and consumer neuroscience are accessible now algorithmically.

Aligning advertising and messaging with metaphors and neuroscience can reduce media spend, and make the spend more effective.  Dr. Pradeep outlines the new ways that creatively-driven companies can harness technology to achieve that success today. Read Less ^

Persuade a Spouse, a Mouse, a Teen or Jelly Bean: Neuroscience Insights Applied To Everyday Living

Baffled by today’s teenagers? Mystified by marital strife? Figuring out the midlife blues? Wondering how best to navigate the tricky waters of your work environment, get noticed, and get that promotion? Want to win over the mate of your dreams? Mind you, it is all in the mind – the non-conscious mind. Read More >

Drawing from the most advanced laboratory explorations into the non-conscious mind — the ‘hidden iceberg’ of our minds that makes more than 95% of our daily decisions—Dr. Pradeep offers an expert insider’s look into why we think the way we do, and why we do what we do.

Audiences come away with deep new insights about the most fundamental aspects of life — including themselves. Read Less ^