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Allison  Cerra

Allison Cerra

Expert on How Technology is Shaping Business & Employee Behavior


With a lifelong career invested at the intersection of marketing and technology, Allison Cerra is a leading expert in how technology is influencing the way we work, live and play. With more than 15 years of experience leading marketing organizations for some of the world’s largest technology companies, Cerra brings a practical approach to demystifying the confluence of significant technology trends – including mobility, cloud, big data, security and collaboration – and signaling where these forces could lead cultures in the future. Read More >

Cerra recently co-authored The Second Economy: The Race for Trust, Treasure and Time in the Cybersecurity World, which explores the incentives – whether for profit, principle or province – that motivate adversaries to target organizations and how companies can develop an effective cybersecurity posture in response. She also co-authored Transforming Business: Big Data, Mobility and Globalization, which discusses how today’s networked world and its proliferation of mobile devices is driving eye-opening cultural change in the workplace and shaping the attitudes of the future workforce. In Identity Shift: Where Identity Meets Technology in the Networked-Community Age, she examines how our Internet proficiency is blurring the boundaries between our virtual and real-life personas, resulting in a startling shift in our behaviors – as parents, professionals, consumers and gamers – and the way we interact with the companies that serve us. And, in The Shift: The Evolving Market, Players and Business Models in a 2.0 World, Cerra identifies a $100 billion market opportunity when communications networks are used as application development platforms.

She was named as an Ad Age “Woman to Watch” in 2017 and has been featured on the Dallas Business Journal’s “Women in Technology” and “Women in Business” lists. She was honored by the Dallas/Fort Worth chapter of the American Marketing Association as CMO of the Year in 2011.

Allison Cerra obtained her BS in marketing and management at the University of South Florida and her master's degrees in business administration and telecommunications from Southern Methodist University.

In her engaging presentations, Cerra shares with enterprise decision makers how an increasingly mobile workforce and the rise of BYOD (bring your own device) is altering the IT landscape and the workforce culture at large as employees and tech consumers become one in the same. Whether your interest lies in sociology, psychology, marketing, or technology, Cerra examines the impact of living in an age where personal technology rivals that found in the workplace, and an age in which virtually all of our personal information and interactions can be available with the click of a mouse. Throughout these explorations, she offers practical prescriptions for addressing the market opportunities that result. Read Less ^

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Transforming Business

On Mobility

Technology and Big Data

How Users Perceive Themselves and Companies in a Networked Age

Speech Topics

Transforming Business: Big Data, Mobility & Globalization

The consumerization of IT in the enterprise represents one of the most fundamental shifts in how businesses procure and apply technology since the advent of PCs in the 1980s. In this talk, Allison Cerra will discuss the results of research directed at more than 5,000 respondents across every walk of life in US and Chinese enterprises—including frontline knowledge workers and HR, IT, and business decision makers—to reveal the opportunities and risks when technology collides with culture. She will also frame how the expectations of tomorrow’s knowledge worker will further alter the complexion of the enterprise and technology’s role within it, based on research directed at several hundred elite upcoming graduates from the top universities in the United States and China. Read More >

In particular, this research addresses the following questions: Read Less ^

  • How are the trends of mobility, cloud, big data, and collaboration changing the behavior and purchasing habits of the enterprise? What are the opportunities and challenges for enterprises and those that serve them?
  • How are company culture and the role of various functions (including IT, HR, finance, and marketing) being affected by the changing appetites and work patterns of employees?
  • What are the implications to enterprises attempting to attract and retain the skills necessary to compete in a hypercompetitive global marketplace?

The Shift: Where Education Meets Technology in the Networked-Community Age

In this session, Allison Cerra not only examines how Millennials, as a generation, are most influenced by the technology surrounding them but also points out key differences that Millennials of various life stages (college students vs. young professionals, for instance) experience when shaping their own identities. Given that most educators are not digital natives themselves, this presentation explains why certain behavioral patterns among Millennials are commonplace and demonstrates how swiftly technology is changing the landscape. Read More >

This session is designed for educators and explains why technology is a major cultural cornerstone among Millennials and how this generation is poised to change tomorrow’s workforce. Read Less ^

Marketing You

Every individual has an opportunity to be a brand. Yet, few individuals possess the know-how of how to invent, or reinvent, themselves into a brand that will enable them to attract positive attention from their workplace or marketplace. In this session, Cerra covers the most significant tenets of marketing and apply them to illustrate how you can break through the proverbial clutter of candidates when selling yourself. She will rely upon her more than 20 years of experience in the discipline and share insights from her own career journey. In the end, you will walk away with a practical prescription that will enable you to more effectively deliver your unique selling proposition to your company or the marketplace.

The New Battlefield: Why Cybersecurity is Everyone’s Job

No organization wants to find itself tomorrow’s headline or punchline for falling victim to the latest breach. Cyberthreats are the biggest existential threat to our digital world. Companies lose money in damages and far more in reputation and trust. The weakest link in a company’s defenses – its own employees – can be transformed into its greatest defense if everyone understands his/her position on this new battlefield. In this talk, Cerra demystifies the world of cybersecurity – one predicated on warfare principles as old as time itself. She offers practical prescription for major departments, including Marketing, HR and IT, to ready their cybersecurity action plans and enlist every employee to take up arms in a battle where few realize they even play a role.