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Cameron  Douglas

Cameron Douglas

Author, Recovering Addict & Son of Michael Douglas

Cameron Douglas

Author, Recovering Addict & Son of Michael Douglas


Born into Hollywood royalty as the son of Michael and grandson of Kirk, Cameron Douglas is the author of the #1 Amazon bestseller Long Way Home, an unflinching account of his dangerous descent into years of substance use, crime and prison and his eventual — and highly inspiring — rise to recovery and return to society and family.

Cameron’s life appeared to be golden: lavish homes in New York and California, elite private schools and a famous Hollywood family. He is the oldest son of Michael Douglas, the Academy Award-winning actor and producer, and his first wife Diandra, a socialite who went on to become a filmmaker. He is also the grandson of Hollywood legend Kirk Douglas of Spartacus fame.

Cameron’s storied childhood was filled with famous family friends, like Jack Nicholson, and memories of “beautiful grown-ups doing things that beautiful grown-ups living lives of excess do.” Cameron began smoking marijuana at age 13 and later struggled with addictions to heroin and cocaine. Despite several near-death experiences, he resisted rehab and his family’s forcible interventions. By 30, Cameron had turned to drug dealing to support his habit. In 2009, he was arrested for distributing methamphetamine and possessing heroin and went on to serve almost eight years in federal penitentiaries. During his two years in solitary confinement, Cameron began to “reverse his savage transformation” and started pursuing a path back to dignity and humanity that he later chronicled in his bestselling book.

Douglas starred in the independent films The Runner and Wire Room opposite Bruce Willis and Kevin Dillon. Cameron is currently appearing with Tom Holland in The Crowded Room for Apple TV+. He has also teamed up with his dad in the upcoming film Blood Knot.

“All those years that the book is based on, all the pain and destruction that a lot of my behavior caused, is done. I can’t go back and undo that,” Cameron said in a New York Times interview. He hopes that others will benefit from his experiences and ruinous decisions so that "other people won’t have to make them.” Cameron’s unforgettable talk charts his path from privilege to prison — empowering addicts, their families, caregivers and communities to pursue their own Long Way Home.

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Speech Topics

From Privilege to Prison to the Long Way Home

Drawing from his bestseller, Long Way Home, Michael Douglas’ son, Cameron tells his gripping personal story of substance use, recovery and the power of family. With honesty and candor, he provides an unflinching account of his dangerous descent into years of addiction — and his highly inspiring rise to recovery. Contrasting a storied childhood as a member of Hollywood royalty to hitting rock bottom as a heroin addict, Cameron shares his struggle to return to society and family after many years of drug abuse and almost eight years in federal prison.