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Danny  Moses

Danny Moses

Founder, Moses Ventures, Former Hedge Fund Manager featured in “The Big Short”


There are a lot of reasons people get interested in the stock market. But for Danny Moses, it has to be the most unusual one. It started with a dog his dad promised him if a certain stock hit $10. He began getting the newspaper every day and scanned the business section to check the stock price. It fired him up and began a passion that still is incredibly strong today. Read More >

It also led to one of the greatest trades in Wall Street history and Danny being featured as a protagonist in two bestselling Michael Lewis books and an award-winning movie.

Danny began his career on Wall Street in 1991 and he has viewed the markets from many different perspectives: Municipal Bond Analyst, Institutional Equities Broker/Trader and, eventually, a Hedge Fund Manager. During his career, Danny has built a reputation of integrity, inquisitiveness and skepticism that has aided him.

Danny gained fame as one of the traders profiled in Lewis’ book, The Big Short, and later the film. Only months after the release of the movie, the infamous "Flash Crash" occurred on Wall Street and Danny once again found himself a character in another Lewis book, Flash Boys. Today, Danny is both an investor and advisor to several private companies and co-hosts the podcast On the Tape with CNBC Fast Money contributors Dan Nathan and Guy Adami. Danny received both his BBA and MBA from Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. Read Less ^

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Speech Topics

Making It Big on Wall Street

As a longtime successful Wall Street veteran who wore many hats, Danny Moses knows the skillset needed to be successful there. And it’s not always about who you know or what school you attended. There will always be jobs for talented and motivated individuals, he says. In this talk, Danny shares the secrets to success, from how to gain experience that will help you grow both personally and professionally to creating the right opportunities for the future.

The Secrets of Wall Street

From the near collapse of the global financial system leading to the biggest recession since the Great Depression to a booming stock market to the impact of COVID on financial markets and the more recent bank collapses, Danny Moses has seen it all—and successfully weathered many storms. One of the main reasons is that Danny understands how Wall Street “works” both on the equity and fixed income desks. His time as both an Institutional Broker and Hedge Fund Manager has given him a perspective from both sides of the fence. In addition, he knows the products that Wall Street creates and sells, as well as the power Wall Street holds over Washington, D.C. in helping create policy and oversight that really ends up in self-policing. An entrepreneur at heart, Danny also gets what it takes for companies to build a culture of honesty, inquisitiveness and skepticism that helps them navigate as they grow. Read More >

Incredibly informative and highly entertaining, Danny can customize a talk to fit your needs and help you sift through all the noise and break down the myths of Wall Street. You’ll learn what’s happening today and what led us here and how it will affect you and your company. He also shares topical issues, such as the role of the Federal Reserve and the impact of rising interest rates and how to prepare for a “normal” economic cycle. Danny provides the tools and knowledge to adapt to the ever-changing business environment. Audiences will walk away with a better understanding of what’s happening on Wall Street and in the business world and what it means to them personally, professionally and financially. Read Less ^