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Dave  Davlin

Dave Davlin

Guinness World Record Holder & Author

Dave Davlin

Guinness World Record Holder & Author


Over 25 years ago, Dave Davlin began bringing smiles to faces with a form of entertainment he developed as a young boy. From NBA and major college arenas across America to the Summer Olympic Games in Seoul, South Korea— and even to the world-famous Branson Strip— “Travelin” Davlin has entertained people of every age and background. His amazing ability with basketballs even landed his name and picture in the 1990 Guinness Book of World Records.

Dave began to hone his speaking skills in the early 90’s as a national speaker in the public schools across America. Combining his entertainment ability with a powerful message, he was instrumental in the fight for education and against drugs. At the advice of friends working in corporate America, Dave began to develop presentations for the corporate and association market and the rest is history. He now speaks at numerous corporate and associational conferences each year. From public school students to CEOs, Dave’s message has made a difference in the lives of thousands, and his impact continues to grow each year as he shares his philosophy and wisdom through speaking and writing.

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Speech Topics

“The Game-Winning 3” – Making It Count … In Business and In Life

This presentation is an hour of interaction, humor and audience participation mixed with a powerful message. It is a roller coaster ride of emotion that will find the audience engaged in hilarious laughter one moment and brought to tears the next. The audience will be challenged to make the most of every moment in order to develop themselves personally and professionally while creating value and making a difference in the lives of others.

“Dream Big, Think Small” - Lessons Learned from Breaking a Guinness World Record

Join Dave on an exhilarating journey as he shares the secrets behind his Guinness World Record achievement of spinning 12 basketballs on his body simultaneously. In this captivating keynote, Dave presents invaluable insights from his feat, inspiring audiences to pursue personal and professional success through incremental progress and unwavering perseverance. “Dream Big, Think Small” is a transformative experience that empowers audiences to pursue excellence and navigate change with resilience. Join Dave on this inspiring journey and unlock your potential for greatness.

“Above The Rim” – Achieving Success Despite Limitations 

Whether manifested in the form of a physical or mental limitation, an emotional or psychological affliction, or even an imagined encumbrance, such handicaps sabotage the pursuit of our goals and desires in ways that may be hidden to us. In this inspiring and impactful presentation, Dave Davlin shares how he identified and refused to be limited by his own obstructions—and reassures audiences that even though limitations exist in many forms, we do not have to be limited by them.

“Game Plan” - Defining Your Destiny…Defeating Your Difficulty

In this presentation, Dave shares principles that lead the audience down a pathway of both victory and resurgence. From the “Tip Off” to the four quarters of established principles and motivating narratives to the “Victory Party”, this five-hour program is great for an all-day company retreat, ongoing sessions at a multi-day conference or even a pre-conference workshop.

Whether enjoying our own “Game-Winning 3” moments or creating our pathway to “Rebound” from adversity, it is vital to develop an effective “GAME PLAN.”


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The Game-Winning 3