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Acclaimed Rapper, Financial Literacy Guru & Social Influencer


Acclaimed Rapper, Financial Literacy Guru & Social Influencer


What do you call an acclaimed rapper, math teacher, financial literacy guru, social influencer, and award-winning motivational speaker? Dee-1. Dee-1 (David Augustine Jr) has dedicated his life to changing the world for the better. He combines the hustle of an independent business owner with the heart of an educator and the lyricism of a hip hop artist. Thousands, from CEOs to community groups to high school teens, have been inspired by his passion to help people change the world, through belief in themselves. He draws on his own experiences to motivate audiences not only to take control of their money, but to use that money for good. He feels he has been placed in hip hop for a reason, to challenge the status quo.

The corporate world has embraced his message of positivity and hope. Leading financial services companies have hired Dee-1 to preach his message about positivity, possibility, and hope. On a country-wide “knowledge for college” tour, thousands of students were enthralled as he sang, told his story, and used his passion to excite them about their future: “I don't want to just tell students to go to college; I want them to understand why it’s important to go, and why it's even more important to graduate.
Dee-1 has also partnered with a range of companies to share his life-lessons with others, especially resiliency. He offers relatable, positive energy about over coming difficult or challenging situations, especially taking a chance on yourself and embracing your passions—just as he did when he gave up his 9 – 5 career to pursue his dream of becoming an artist.

Seeing Dee-1 in action is like a shot of adrenaline, leaving you positive and empowered. Rappers talk about getting money—but not about how to handle that money when you get it. Dee-1 doesn’t glorify negativity; he champions education, positivity, and financial literacy. His background creates a perfect combination of teaching, financial knowledge, and life experiences.

Dee-1 has established the “Mission Vision” movement, which promotes identifying your gifts and talents to make the world a better place. He encourages people to strive to accomplish the 3 R’s in everything they do: Be Real, Be Righteous, and Be Relevant. In addition to his professional work, Dee-1 is president of Mission Vision Music, an enterprise that includes his own albums, public speaking, acting, personal finance, and more.

Speaker Videos

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Speech Topics

Control Your Money—Don’t Let it Control You

Dee-1 covers the importance of investing in yourself—planning for your future success and understanding wants vs needs. “Living within your means is key to everything. Once you can break free from trying to impress people or fitting into what they want you to do, be, drive, wear, or live, you’ll be able to succeed on your own terms.”

Dropping Knowledge to Win in College

Dee-1 shares the importance of prioritizing education by using examples from his own life - complete with both mistakes and wins. His talk can encompass all facets of paying for college, including finding scholarships, types of financial aid, and the importance of making a plan to graduate. Because it’s not important to just go to college, you need a plan to graduate. He stresses the need to plan a successful future with integrity. He can also include/perform samples of his music to enthrall the audience.

Sharing Your Faith in Awkward Spaces

Drawing on his own experiences, Dee-1 powerfully recounts how he first used to dim his light to conform as a rapper, before realizing that his faith demanded that he be bold and courageous. “If everybody likes you, then you're doing something wrong. Sometimes you have to forfeit relationships with toxic people because they only want you on the surface. I ultimately want people to know that God made us unique so we can use our talents and our personalities to show how diverse His Kingdom is. God is not meant to be boxed out of any area of our lives.”

Bringing Innovation to Education

Education is a major part of Dee-1’s passion. A former math and life skills teacher, he ably demonstrates how to use your unique gifts to reach, engage, and relate to students. He also includes tools on how to keep teachers motivated, and how to make sure that the bond between educators and students is genuine and authentic.

Has Hip Hop Failed the Black Community?

A former middle school math and life skills teacher, Dee-1 discusses his transition into becoming an internationally known hip hop performer and cultural leader. He shares the story of his best friend being murdered and how it impacted his approach to making music — even turning down lucrative recording offers in order to stay true to himself. “I didn’t want to be that guy who was doing a lot of good work in the community, but his music is about selling dope, and killing people, and disrespecting women.” There is a soundtrack to everything we do in life — and Dee-1 speaks to the role we all play in determining which music we want to represent us.