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Dike  Drummond

Dike Drummond

Physician Coach & CEO of TheHappyMD.com


Dr. Dike Drummond is a high-energy coach, speaker and trainer with a unique talent for enabling transformation rather than just providing entertainment or information. Dr. Drummond’s expertise in personal change was developed through a combination of 11 years as a family practice doctor and 10 years as a business coach working with physicians and startup entrepreneurs. He is the creator of the 1 Minute Stress Relief online training program, the Physician Burnout Prevention Video Training series and the Physician Burnout MATRIX Report with over 117 ways to lower stress and prevent physician burnout. He is also the author of the forthcoming book Physician Burnout Handbook: Stress Relief for the Busy Doctor. Read More >

Dr. Drummond is a Mayo trained family practice physician with a unique combination of ground level experience in medicine, leadership, coaching and personal and business development. He graduated from the Mayo Medical School in Rochester, MN and completed his Family Practice Residency at the Shasta Cascade Program in Redding, CA.

Dr. Drummond left medicine in 1999 to become an entrepreneur, beginning with his Interactive Guided Imagery Practice. He served as COO of Superteams, LLC providing leadership and facilitation training to Lean Six Sigma Black Belts in all branches of the US military. Currently, he is the CEO of TheHappyMD.com, providing burnout treatment and prevention coaching to physicians and other healthcare providers. His writing on burnout prevention, leadership and work life balance has been published online at HuffingtonPost.com, KevinMD.com, Sermo.com, TheDoctorWeighsIn.com and HealthworksCollective.com.

Dr. Drummond delivers highly interactive, fully customized teachings on stress management and burnout prevention, physician engagement, physician and staff wellness and coaching skills for healthcare leaders. He creates a unique, PowerPoint free learning environment where all attendees have fun building a Personal Action Plan of simple steps to put their learning to use the very next day on the job. Read Less ^

Speech Topics

"Burnout Proof Your Career" - Live Workshop

Upon completion of this training from Dr. Dike Drummond, all attendees will: Read More >

  • Understand the difference between stress and burnout.
  • Understand the three main symptoms of burnout and how they differ in men and women.
  • Be able to recognize early symptoms of burnout in colleagues and themselves.
  • Understand burnout’s pathophysiology, effects, complications and four main causes.
  • Learn and practice the two most impactful stress relief tools in his executive coaching practice, mindfulness bases stress relief and work life balance.
  • Receive access to the Burnout Prevention MATRIX report with 117 burnout prevention tools.

This is a highly interactive, live training and coaching session. Content on stress and burnout is delivered in small, easily digestible portions followed by discussion in pairs so that each attendee creates a personal stress reduction action plan.

The presentation uses PowerPoint, flip charts, fill in the blank handouts, dyads and other multisensory learning techniques to create a unique, powerful and “lecture-free” learning zone. Read Less ^

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