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Dr. Geeta  Nayyar

Dr. Geeta Nayyar

Physician Executive, Health Tech & Business Leader

Dr. Geeta Nayyar

Physician Executive, Health Tech & Business Leader


Dr. Geeta Nayyar is a physician-executive and a nationally-recognized leader in health technology that bridges the divides between clinical medicine, the business sector and digital health. Dr. G. is a sought-after thought leader, speaker and media contributor on topics such as emerging health tech, AI, digital health and the current and future business of healthcare. In her new book, Dead Wrong, Dr. G. presents an insightful blueprint for diagnosing and treating healthcare’s misinformation crisis. Throughout her career, she has led in critical roles, most recently as the Chief Medical Officer of Salesforce and AT&T.

In Dead Wrong, Dr. G. merges her deep commitment to reliable, relatable public health messaging and her executive and boardroom experience to make the case that building trust and health literacy at scale requires healthcare leaders to take responsibility for the problems and their solutions.

Dr. G. consults for some of the nation’s most influential medical organizations and businesses such as the American Medical Association and ZocDoc and is a Board Member of the American Telemedicine Association and the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine Alumni Association.

She speaks at national and global conferences and is regularly featured on CNBC and Yahoo! Finance to illuminate some of healthcare’s most urgent issues.

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Speech Topics

DEAD WRONG: Misinformation & Disinformation in Healthcare

In the face of the worst pandemic in generations, misinformation is killing Americans, demoralizing clinicians, and harming the healthcare system. In DEAD WRONG, Dr. Geeta Nayyar takes readers on a journey to understand the consequences of conspiracy theories and snake oil on U.S. healthcare. Through rich stories from the field, she diagnoses medicine’s information illness and describes potential treatment plans. Building trust and health literacy at scale, she argues, requires healthcare leaders to take responsibility for the problem and its solutions.

The Future of Healthcare

What is the future of medical innovation and how will we unlock the promise of new technologies? Which scientific advances are most likely to immensely transform health outcomes and the deliverability of medicine?

In this informative presentation, Dr. G covers digital transformation in the health care sector, from the coherent care system that technology and AI can provide to the scientific discoveries that can cure or provide therapeutics to once-puzzling diseases and what enabled these advances.

Women in Leadership

In this insightful and motivating presentation, Dr. G draws from her experiences rising to top-level positions at prominent organizations like AT&T and Salesforce to empower other women to be the best leaders they can be. Dr. Nayyar believes women are essential to driving transformation in the STEM fields. In this address, she offers advice to aspiring leaders and shares anecdotal stories of her successes.