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Jason  Hewlett

Jason Hewlett

Award-Winning One-Man Show


Jason Hewlett’s speaking career began following the performance of his popular One-Man Show at a corporate event. The client was so impressed with the powerful messaging Jason included in his act that he was asked to be the keynote speaker for their Management & Leadership Conference the following year. Jason’s customized presentation and content, combined with music and comedy, was so well received it has turned into multiple speeches for nationwide clients. Read More >

While Jason has received awards in the arts and entertainment industry, he has been hired for some of the largest corporate events in the world. His reputation has transformed from someone who delivers an incredible, standing ovation show worthy of Las Vegas praise, AND a keynote speaker sharing practical business principles applicable for leadership, entrepreneurship, and cultural impact.

Having delivered thousands of corporate presentations for front-line motivation and management instruction, Jason’s talks combine message, authenticity, humor, music, and impersonations. His talks feel like a show with a message, or a keynote speech with entertainment, while remaining a G-rated, family-friendly, corporate ready experience. Few performers can match the level of laughs, energy, and appropriate material for any audience. Jason Hewlett is constantly brought back again and again by his clients.

In addition, combining his ability as a seasoned speaker, entertainer, and behind-the-scenes event advisor, Jason has become one of America’s top Master of Ceremonies/Emcees for the largest corporate and charity events. Whether a 3-day convention or an awards gala, Jason keeps the energy, laughs, and excitement going throughout, while allowing executives to take a back seat and enjoy the conference rather than stress about running it.

With over 2,000 presentations for Fortune 500 companies and clients such as American Express, Delta Airlines, the Salt Lake Olympics, Experian, NuSkin, Younique, Coca~Cola and Wells Fargo, Jason Hewlett is your go-to solution for a keynote, entertainment and emcee. Read Less ^

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The Promise: The Engagement Experience

Motivational Keynote Speaker Jason Hewlett’s unique ability to bring to life the legendary performers of stage with incredible musical impressions (Michael Jackson, The Temptations, Diana Ross, Louie Armstrong), helps audiences make the connection to their own “performances” as they impact those in their world. With relatability and insight, he poses powerful questions to every person in the room: Read More >

  • What is your Signature Move?
  • Are you keeping The Promise to your ‘audience’ - those customers who count on you to deliver mission, vision, and value – every time?
  • Do you embrace the amazing talents of each member of your team, filling your workplace with a culture of encouragement and trust?

Filled to the brim with smart business strategies and solutions for gaining and retaining clients, Jason’s message also integrates tools and techniques to take Work Teams to entirely new levels. When that happens, employee engagement soars, job fulfillment catapults, overall health improves as stress levels plummet, and then? The work team transforms into a Work Family.

Through hilarious and touching stories, analogies, music, artistry, and corporate-appropriate comedy, Jason expertly takes your audience on a journey unlike any presenter in the world.  This message empowers listeners to take stock of their relationships with customers, teammates, family and friends -- and take a second look at the promises we all make, keep, or break with ourselves.

The Promise moves audiences equally between tears of laughter and those of joyous resolution. With humor, heart, and tremendous connectivity, Jason inspires audience members to step into the positive shifts necessary to empower their lives both at work and at home.

Ready to re-fuel your team with PROMISE? Invite Jason Hewlett to entertain and move your next audience to experience life-changing breakthroughs. Read Less ^

The Promise of Innovation Meets Reinvention: Creating Rock Concert Worthy Expansion

Here’s what Jason Hewlett knows from experience - when we’re laughing, we’re learning. When we are smiling, and music is making a connection, our retention levels go through the roof - people feel empowered with tools to innovate, share ideas, break out of broken ‘norms’, blast through ruts that keep teams rooted in what was, and allow them to set new standards for success! Read More >

In a hilariously engaging and dynamic way, Jason Hewlett ignites the spirit of innovation amongst audience attendees by infusing his message with an inventive and entertaining showcase of music artists that will not only have them learning – but have them on their feet.

For millennials? Lady Gaga, to Bruno Mars to Cee-Lo Green and Justin Timberlake.  Gen-X and Y? No problem -- Journey, Guns n’ Roses, Michael Jackson, and Ricky Martin.

Rock concert stuff? Absolutely! Energy? Off the hook! Strategic thinking? Empowered solutions? High-flying expanded thinking tools? Yes – all of those and more.

Audience members will learn to:

  1. Have the courage to step into the void
  2. Embrace the power of association
  3. Adopt the wisdom in thinking like an artist

Your audience will laugh until it hurts, enjoy music they love, and gain the profound insights they need to best innovate and reinvent.  This message is a game-changer for any conference. Ready to step into reinvention? Read Less ^