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Jim  Carroll

Jim Carroll

Global Futurist, Business Trends, Leadership & Innovation Expert


Jim Carroll is recognized as the world’s leading futurist, trends and innovation expert, with a massive global blue chip client list. For more than 25 years, Jim has shared his insight with more than 2 million people in attendance at his events. Read More >

Jim’s global client list is extensive and covers virtually every industry sector, including the World Bank, Volvo, NASA, the PGA of America, the Walt Disney Organization, the World Government Summit in Dubai, the Swiss Innovation Forum, the Wall Street Journal, National Australia Bank, WorldSkills, Microsoft, Johnson & Johnson, DuPont, The GAP, the US Air Force Research Laboratory, Godiva, SAP, Pfizer, Mercedes Benz, and hundreds more.

This client list gives him a front row seat to the high velocity change that is occurring as disruption comes to take hold of every industry and every organization. With that insight, and the customized research that he undertakes for every engagement, he helps to transform growth-oriented organizations into high-velocity innovation heroes!
In 2020, Jim has been busy providing his insight from a state of the art virtual broadcast studio, which features high end video production, multiple camera angles, multimedia special effects, online interaction, audience polling, panel discussions and more. His investment in leading technology has allowed him to deliver his effective online leadership insight in an interactive broadcast style that redefines the state of the possible, with an opportunity for attention grabbing online content, and engaging interactivity.

Jim is recognized worldwide as a “thought leader” and authority on: our post-pandemic economy; economic recovery strategies; the future of the workplace; new business and governance opportunities in the era of International upheaval; rapid business model change and industry transformation; business model disruption and the acceleration of market change; global economic trends; and the necessity for fast paced innovation. He is an authority recognized for his deep insight into the cutting edge trends of our time including autonomous vehicle technology, 3D printing, virtual reality, alternative energy generation and storage technologies, the transition to electric battery vehicle technology, genomic medicine, CRISPR and healthcare virtualization, advanced robotics and artificial intelligence, blockchain and virtual cash, machine learning and robotics, crowd-thinking and next generation R&D.

Jim’s insight has been covered in the UK Telegraph, Dubai’s Capital Magazine, South Africa’s The Star, and AP News, among hundreds more. BusinessWeek named Jim Carroll as one of four leading sources for insight on innovation and creativity. He was also a featured expert on the prime time CNBC series, The Business of Innovation.

Jim Carroll is an author, with numerous books including Think Big, Start Small, Scale Fast; Surviving the Information Age; The Future Belongs To Those Who Are Fast; Ready, Set, Done; and What I Learned From Frogs in Texas: Saving Your Skin with Forward Thinking Innovation. Read Less ^

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Disruptive Strategy in the Era of Acceleration

The Seeds of Disruption: The Impact of Edge Thinking

Disruptive Trends in the Era of Acceleration

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Speech Topics

The Next 5 Years: Understanding the Trends In our Post-Covid World

The ultimate impact of Covid-19 on your future? Beyond the fact that we will be living in a somewhat surreal and unusual future, another fact remains – every organization is entering a new future in which a new era of massive acceleration defines everything you will do. Read More >

Here are some facts about your future:

• 68% percent of organizations have said that global pandemic has forced them to adapt and change their business model
• 77% recognize the need for systemic change in their operations
• 82% believe a more challenging economy is in their future
• and yet 47% of CFO’s are not very comfortable committing to new investments in the next 6 to 12 months
• The pandemic has changed everything, and future-oriented leadership is more important than ever before. History tells us that every global crisis shifts the axis of the future of our universe and every crisis offers an opportunity to improve.

In this keynote, Futurist Jim Carroll provides you detailed, customized insight on the trends that matter as we go forward into a world driven by uncertainty, impacted by potential relentless volatility, and unrelenting waves of massive opportunity. For over 25 years, Jim Carroll has provided senior-level leadership insight on how to become a future-ready organization. With clients such as NASA, Disney, Pfizer, Microsoft, Chrysler, the World Government Summit, Godiva, and Nestle, he has a proven track record of aligning organizations to a fast-moving future. Read Less ^

Now What? Reinvention and the Role of Optimism in Our Post-Covid World

Reinvention surrounds us. It is inherent to our future, fundamental to our success, and a pathway to our action. In this fast-moving, inspirational, and powerful keynote, Futurist Jim Carroll takes a look at the concept of 'reinvention' from a personal, business, and societal perspective. Read More >

What is the essence of the mindset of those who have successfully reinvented? What are the key concepts that leaders need to think about to align their organizations to the reality of a vastly different future - and act upon it? How have nations aligned to the idea of 'doing what's next' rather than 'doing what has already been done' in order to enhance their opportunity in the next economy?

Reinvention comes in different attitudes, strategies, disruptive thinking, and actions. In this powerful keynote, Jim outlines the opportunities of reinvention; lessons from world leaders, both personal and corporate who have achieved it, the lessons we can learn from them - and specific strategies to redefine and reinvent your own future.

Based upon the ongoing research for his forthcoming book of the same name, Jim Carroll provides a powerful pathway into the future, the mindset necessary to get there, and the bold actions that must be pursued! Read Less ^

Understanding 2021: The Trends that Will Let You Maximize Your Opportunities in this New and Different Decade!

2020 was the most tumultuous year in decades and shifted the universe for the global economy, industries, companies, people, careers and nations! What's your plan for moving forward into recovery and opportunity? Futurist Jim Carroll provides a concise outline of what comes next - and what you should do about it! Read More >

The simple fact is that every industry continues to be redefined at blinding speed by new technology, collaborative global R&D, virtualized workforces and accelerated science. Organizations learned something new about agility, speed and flexibility during 2020, and this simple fact redefines the staggering speed of change to come in 2021.

In this interactive virtual session from the world's leading virtual speaker's broadcast studio, futurist Jim Carroll covers the key scientific, technological, knowledge and skills trends that existed Pre-Covid, and then outlines the new challenges and opportunities that exist as we go forward into a vastly new, more complex future.

How to cope with a new complex era of accelerating change? Futurist Jim Carroll outlines his simple but transformative structure: Think big, start small, scale fast! Aligning to the big opportunities through bold, transformative thinking; small steps to help you prepare; and aligning with speed to get there at the right time! Read Less ^

Our World in 2030: The Post-Pandemic Trends That Redefine Your Future

Years from now, we will look back and realize that many industries, technologies, concepts and disruptive ideas accelerated throughout the crisis of 2020 - because they played a major role in the rebuilding of our dramatically different future. We will also know that by carefully analyzing the trends of yesterday in the context of fast moving events that we were best able to understand these new trends of tomorrow. Read More >

Futurist Jim Carroll examines your world and industry in the microscope of a new lens, providing critical insight to the trends that matter - and that redefine our future. The acceleration of trends like 3D printing and biomaterial science, robots and cobots, genetic medicine and virtualized community care, resiliency-oriented supply chains and last mile logistics technology, delivery drones and personal space heat tracking - all of which are playing a role in our eventual post-pandemic, recovery oriented world. In this new future, business models continue to evolve but at a faster pace; new revenue opportunities are emerging at hyper-speed as entirely new products are invented and new industries are born to deal with the crisis; entire industries are forever changed as the new era of "personal space" and "economic distancing" came to define all forms of human interaction going forward.

It's in this context that the big ideas are being explored, the bold are defining their future, and the fast are aligning to acceleration. Covid-19 and the economic downturn of 2020 have redefined our future - but it's by understanding this new future and aligning to the opportunities that it presents that breakthrough performers discover their opportunities! Read Less ^

Bridging the Acceleration Gap: Achieving Growth By Aligning to The Trends of Our Post-Pandemic Future

The global pandemic has changed the axis of our universe. What was disruptive before is now massively transformative. Do you have a strategy to keep up? History tells us that every global crisis shifts the axis of the future of our universe, and every crisis offers an opportunity to improve. In the harsh reality of our post-pandemic world, leadership strategies that worked yesterday are exposed as being irrelevant tomorrow even while they are being actively considered today. Read More >

And a simple fact has emerged - there is a massive and growing gap between the speed of change and the ability of organizations to keep up. Bridging this gap is critical to future success - and the significance of your inability to bridge the gap is even bigger than it was before. Bridge the gap! What worked yesterday will not work tomorrow! In this keynote, Futurist Jim Carroll provides you detailed, customized insight on the trends that matter as we go forward into a world driven by uncertainty, impacted by potential relentless volatility, and unrelenting waves of massive opportunity - and a stagey for mastering the acceleration disconnect. Read Less ^

9 Things You Need To Do Right Now: Rediscovering Growth, Opportunity and the Future When Volatility is the New Normal!

Innovating at high velocity is vital to turning challenge into opportunity. Jim Carroll believes that organizations that focus on staying ahead of fast paced economic trends in an era of volatility are best positioned for long term success. Read More >

How? Innovative organizations succeed by mastering the pace of the new high velocity economy. In an era of economic challenge, they focus on discovering opportunity while moving through uncertainty!

In this keynote, Jim Carroll builds on insight captured during periods of economic uncertainty to provide a concrete foundation in which to move forward despite relentless economic volatility.

Is there a future out there? Definitely yes, but a constant drumbeat of negative news can cause people to lose sight of what will happen as we return to a period of economic growth. That’s where Jim Carroll comes in — this noted international futurist, trends & innovation expert spends his time with globally innovative leaders. He’s gained keen insight into some of the key trends which will impact industries, organizations and careers in the next few years to come, in a wide variety of industries from health care, to technology and manufacturing, to the skilled trades. Jim is a passionate believer that we live in transformative times — and in five or ten years, will look back at this time with awe at the new industries, products, careers, and opportunities that were developed.

Jim Carroll delivered an extensive number of global leadership keynotes to major organizations after 9/11, and again after the economic meltdown of 2008-09. He has a proven, battle-tested track record in providing compelling insight and time-tested strategies on aligning to the future despite uncertainty. In this leadership oriented talk, Jim covers the trends that will provide for major growth markets through the next five to ten years; where we will see the emergence of new careers, industries, business models and opportunities; and how a relentless focus on opportunity and growth is directly linked to future success. He will help you to make sense of what happened, where we are now, and what do we do next!

Jim Carroll will challenge you to focus on the opportunities of tomorrow, rather than the challenges of today. Read Less ^

Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity: Leadership Strategies and Insight for the Post Pandemic World

History has taught us that only 10% of organizations become breakthrough performers during a period of economic challenge. Futurist Jim Carroll has carefully studied the strategies they pursue, the concepts that drive them, and the actions they take to become a success in this complex new world. Read More >

It's timely and critical insight! Recovery oriented CEO's and senior executives understand that in addition to managing existing challenges, right now is the time to focus on strategies that align to our complex new reality in order to achieve growth and pursue opportunity. They know that they need to act quickly to establish an innovative mindset with their team in oder to get there quickly.

In this interactive online virtual keynote, Jim provides his unique insight on staying ahead in volatile times. A culture that has everyone thinking about what can be done going forward rather than looking back. A solutions oriented mindset in which people are thinking less about the problems that have occurred, and more about the innovative strategies that could be pursued. A leadership style and mindset that takes on volatility as a form of innovation oxygen, complexity as a foundation for action, uncertainty as the platform for disruption and ambiguity as the clarity for stifling aggressive indecision. Read Less ^

Healthcare 2025: The Transformative Trends That Will Really Define Our Future

Everyone in a leadership position in the health care system knows that the challenge are substantial and immense. A rapid increase in lifestyle disease, skills shortages, the acceleration of science and medical device technology, combined with cutbacks in funding and resources. That’s why innovation has quickly come to be one of the top issues that senior health care executives and medical professionals are focused on. There is a realization that there is an urgent need to challenge the very philosophies upon which the system is built. That’s why the insight of global futurist Jim Carroll is so timely. In this cutting edge keynote he will provide you with insight into the major scientific, technological, consumer and social trends that will, by the year 2025, allow for some very dramatic changes in the concept of health care delivery. Read More >

Where will we be the year 20250? We will have successfully transitioned the system from one which “fixes people after they’re sick” to one of preventative, diagnostic genomic-based medicine. Treating patients for the conditions we know they are likely to develop, and re-architecting the system around that reality. A system which will provide for virtual care through bio-connectivity, and extension of the hospital into a community-care oriented structure. A consumer driven, retail oriented health care environment for non-critical care treatment that provides significant opportunities for cost reduction. Real time analytics and location-intelligence capabilities which provide for community-wide monitoring of emerging health care challenges. “Just-in-time” knowledge concepts which will help to deal with a profession in which the volume of knowledge doubles every six years. That and much, much more.

The fact is, we are going to witness more change in the scientific and technological world of health care in the next ten years than we have seen in the last 25. In his Healthcare2025 keynote, Jim puts into perspective why innovation is no longer just a fashionable phrase — it’s the critical new leadership focus for executives in the health care sector. Read Less ^