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Kristel  Bauer

Kristel Bauer

Wellness Expert & Top Self-Improvement Podcast Host


Kristel Bauer is a corporate wellness expert and TEDx speaker with a mission of helping individuals thrive personally and professionally. Kristel empowers her audience to reclaim their wellbeing and attain their version of success. She inspires listeners weekly via her global top 1% self-improvement podcast, Live Greatly. Read More >

Kristel will partner with you to make your next event a huge success, inspiring positive change and leaving a powerful impact on your audience. Kristel brings her expertise and extensive experience in corporate wellness, emotional intelligence, leadership, mindset, resilience, self-care, stress management, wellness at work, and work/life harmony to in-person and virtual events as professional keynote speaker.

On her popular podcast, Live Greatly, she talks with the top minds about wellness, life and success. Kristel is an influencer in the wellness space, recently recognized as a 2021 Top 10 Influencer by Forbes. She is also a contributing writer for Entrepreneur.com.

As an integrative medicine fellow and physician assistant having practiced in integrative psychiatry, she has a unique perspective on optimizing physical and mental wellbeing. Kristel has spoken at such companies and universities as General Mills, Northwestern University, Quest Mindshare, Commercial Metals Company, Santander Bank, NAWBO and Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science. Kristel has been featured in Forbes, Real Leaders, Forest & Bluff and Podcast magazine. She was recently live on ABC 7 Chicago and Ticker News discussing stress management and zoom fatigue. Read Less ^

Speaker Videos

TEDx: Redefining Work/Life Balance in a COVID-19 World

Work-Life Integration: Thriving Personally & Professionally

Corporate Wellness and Self-Care

Speech Topics

Wellness at Work: Strategies for Establishing a Healthy & Vibrant Company Culture

In this keynote, Kristel will share tips and strategies to create a work environment where employees can thrive. You will learn how to enhance communication skills using active listening, body language and tips to create a community where employees feel valued. You will discover how to enhance emotional intelligence and empathy while supporting a growth mindset. You will discover stress management practices such as mindfulness, incorporating self-care into the workday and lifestyle tips for optimal health and wellbeing.

How to Increase Emotional Intelligence & Empathy For Optimal Communication, Connection & Leadership

Emotional Intelligence and empathy are keys for having happy employees, customers and teams that feel valued. They are necessary skills for optimizing communication and having successful leadership and management teams with optimal problem solving and success. Research has shown that organizations promoting emotional intelligence have higher employee engagement & productivity. This translates to a positive correlation between emotional intelligence & sales revenue and customer loyalty, resulting in increased profitability. In this keynote Kristel will share tangible ways to improve you and your team’s emotional intelligence & empathy to create a strong sense of community, connection and well-being within your company culture.

Redefine Work-Life Balance & Thrive Personally & Professionally

Learn how to thrive personally and professionally whether working remotely or in the office. Discover tools to improve well-being and boost productivity, allowing you to thoroughly enjoy your work and home life.

Self-Care Practices To Transform the Way You Work & Live For a Healthier & Happier You

“I don’t have time” is a frequent struggle holding you back from feeling your best. Discover approachable ways to support optimal mental and physical health while also boosting your performance!

Own 3 Powerful Words to Get Into a Mindset for Success

Learn how to let go of limiting beliefs, reclaim your power, and step into a leadership position.

Eat to Optimize Your Mood & Health to Uncover More Happiness & Vitality

What you eat is significantly impacting your mental and physical well-being. Learn about the gut-brain connection and how to eat to optimize your mood and boost energy and vitality!

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