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Kristel  Bauer

Kristel Bauer

Wellness Expert & Top Self-Improvement Podcast Host


Kristel Bauer PA-C founded Live Greatly to inspire others to awaken to their ultimate potential. Kristel is a wellness expert, keynote speaker, and podcast host sharing a unique and inspiring message with the world. After years of practicing traditional medicine, a loved one’s stage 4 cancer diagnosis awakened a burning desire in Kristel to explore and examine what wellness truly means.  As an Integrative Medicine Fellow, Physician Assistant, and Reiki Master, she founded Live Greatly to share her findings on how best to achieve optimal health in mind, body, & spirit to attain success.  If you are looking for ways to prevent or address employee or student burnout, optimize your team's well-being and productivity, and create a thriving work or learning environment, Kristel can help! Read More >

Kristel hosts a regularly ranked top 100 self-improvement podcast, "Live Greatly" where she talks with the top minds about wellness and success. She has been featured in Forbes, Forest & Bluff Magazine, and was recently live on ABC 7 Chicago sharing stress management tips that can be done in 2 minutes or less.

Kristel has a social media following of over 42,000 individuals and is extremely passionate about sharing messages that empower women and inspire individuals to reclaim their health and well-being. Read Less ^

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Speech Topics

How To Thrive Personally & Professionally While Working Remotely

Learn how to create healthy boundaries, boost productivity, and keep your “home life” while working from home.  

Micro Self-Care Tips That Will Change Your Life

“I don’t have time” is a frequent issue and excuse holding you back from taking steps to feel your best.  Discover approachable ways to support mental & physical health while also boosting your performance, all in 5 minutes or less!

What You are Eating is Impacting Your Mental Health

Learn about the large connection between diet and mental health and discover how to eat to boost energy & optimize your mood!

3 Words That Will Change Your Life

Let go of limiting beliefs, reclaim your power, and discover how to rewrite your story. Kristel shares her story of overcoming struggle to get to where she is today.