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Larry  Gulko

Larry Gulko

Brand Architect & Strategist, Strategic Growth Advisor, CEO Whisperer, Media Personality, Founder & Moderator of the annual CEO Brand Leadership Roundtable at the Harvard Business School


Larry is a brand architect and strategist, executive coach, keynote speaker, and growth advisor with a track record for positioning an eclectic range of brands to compete more effectively in today’s rapidly evolving business landscape. He collaborates with clients looking to take their brand to the next level in terms of driving brand performance, customer affection/loyalty, and business growth to a level of success they envision. Read More >

He founded and moderates the annual CEO Brand Leadership Roundtable and CEO Fireside Chats at the Harvard Business School. These popular programs have showcased over 50 CEOs of iconic and leading brands including Delta Air Lines, Dunkin’ Brands, Ritz-Carlton, NBC Sports, Greg Norman, Harley-Davidson, PGA of America, Converse, Newman’s Own, TaylorMade Golf, Birkenstock, Wheels Up, TB12, Keurig, Donna Karan, Bose, Polar Beverages, Foxwoods, Talbots.

Larry created BRAND: NEW DAY, a one-of-a-kind brand-building and thought leadership Retreat designed exclusively for an individual company’s management team determined to take a fresh look at their brand and drive success to the next level. This deep-dive, collaborative program was originally created in tandem with the Disney Institute. Under the BRAND: NEW DAY umbrella is the thought leadership Roundtable that emulates an open enrollment, interactive idea exchange with like-minded peers, business leaders. Each program is delivered virtually and in-person.

He is the co-host of Name Brands, CBS Boston. This insightful and entertaining brand leadership podcast show features in-studio conversations with iconic brands and CEOs who share their vision and leadership perspective to create and build best-selling brands, dominate product categories, enhance consumer affection, and drive brand performance.

In partnership with the Harvard Business School Association of Boston, Larry created and produces the CEO Lounge. This online communications platform features up-close-and-personal interviews with dynamic business leaders spanning numerous industries and market sectors.

For 20 years, his advertising and brand consultancy agency Gulko & Company launched and positioned brands for the Fortune 1000, middle-market companies, entrepreneurial ventures, and non-profit organizations.

A sought-after thought leader, Larry has delivered numerous keynotes, general session speeches, commencement addresses, is a MassChallenge business mentor, produces a series of CEO Fireside Chats at Babson College and has lectured at the Babson Graduate School of Business and Executive Education Program.

Larry is an advisor to the C-level community and has served on boards and councils including Babson Advisory Council, ASAE & The Center for Association Leadership, The American Marketing Association, Gifting Brands, The George Washington University, Jordan Alliance Group. Read Less ^

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Specialize, Don't Generalize

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Larry Gulko and Ed Bastion, CEO Delta Air Lines at Harvard Club of Boston

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Write The Book You Want To Read

7 Amazingly Powerful Brand-Building Strategies to Drive Brand Performance and Business Growth to the Next Level.

Larry has a track record positioning an eclectic range of brands to compete more effectively in today’s rapidly evolving global business landscape. A recognized branding expert and sought-after thought leader, Larry doesn’t take himself very seriously, but he takes what he does very seriously. In his entertaining, storytelling, and engaging keynote style he inspires audiences to take a ‘deep dive’ - a fresh look - to focus their brand, shares bold and disruptive innovative ideas to build best-selling brands, create an authentic brand voice, unlock new markets, break through the marketing noise, define what your brand is ‘really selling’ to emotionally connect, dominate product categories, choreograph a remarkable customer experience to ensure consumers love and respect your brand...and strategically position brands to drive brand performance and business growth to the next level. Read More >

Takeaways from Larry’s Keynote include:

• Vision: create an authentic Brand Voice that resonates and emotionally connects
• Focus you brand to own something special in the consumer’s mind.
• Do not go where the path may lead; go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.
• Don’t try to be the best. Just be the ONLY.
• Name brand vs brand name
• Define what you’re ‘really’ selling.
• Dominate your product category.
• Create brand ambassadors and a culture that embodies bold and disruptive innovation.
• The importance of being a specialist vs a generalist.
• Build your brand’s reputational capital & equity.
• Don’t be afraid of being hit by a pitch.
• Break through the ‘marketing noise’.
• Strengthen your brand leadership position.
• Choreograph a remarkable customer experience to enhance brand loyalty and drive legions of raving fans.
• The importance of creating strategic partnerships vs organic growth.
• Brand citizenship. Purpose-driven brands win hearts and minds. Read Less ^

CEO Brand Leadership Roundtable

This is an individual program or is presented as a 90-minute add-on program (no additional fee) following Larry’s Keynote. Read More >

Larry will moderate a panel of your industry’s high-profile CEO’s and thought leaders in an engaging conversation venue similar in style to his Harvard Business School Roundtable. This popular program is designed to educate, inspire, and entertain your audience while featuring dynamic business visionaries sharing their ‘secret sauce’ to building leading brands and creating great business stories. Your audience will leave energized to share with their colleague’s new breakaway ideas to build their brand and amaze and delight customers in today’s rapidly evolving competitive landscape. Larry and his panel will also participate in a Q&A session with attendees. Read Less ^

Build Your Personal Brand To Make It More Authentic, Relevant, Appealing & Powerful

The single most important differentiator you have of ‘you’ is your personal brand, your brand voice, your reputational capital.  Read More >

In today’s world, more than ever before, everyone is your competition. Personally and professionally. It’s of paramount importance for you to recognized as a best-selling brand and create an aspirational brand that people love and respect.

There’s a big difference between a name brand versus simply having a brand name. You can’t afford to be stuck on the muck, lost in the ‘sea of sameness‘ with no unique value proposition. Just like the 50,000 products in the supermarket…we’re brands that people browse, shop, love to buy.

To enrich your life and capitalize on opportunities to drive success to the next level, focus your personal brand to embrace authenticity and engage in a deep-dive exploration designed to capture mindshare…ensuring those around you know definitively what your brand stands for.

Keynote Takeaways Read Less ^

  • Creating a personal brand that showcases your focus, passion, commitment, and unique value proposition
  • Creating a brand voice that’s authentic, resonates and sparks an emotional connection
  • Delivering the unexpected
  • Don’t just be the best. Be the ‘only’
  • Engaging in meaningful conversations to drive loyalty
  • Identifying what people should think and feel about your brand
  • Why should people buy you? What’s so special?
  • Likeability factor
  • Building your reputational capital
  • Unlocking your potential to propel the success you envision
  • Brand umbrella showcasing your portfolio
  • Leadership style to engage those around you to believe in your vision and become your brand ambassadors
  • The importance of being recognized as a purpose-driven brand

Brand New Day Club Retreat

Are you looking to reenergize your business? Enhance customer loyalty? Elevate your brand image? And take your brand to the next level? BRAND: NEW DAY is the first and only one-day, brand-building thought leadership retreat designed for a company’s leadership team like yours. And it can be held at your location, on your schedule. Read More >

This immersive, collaborative idea exchange is based on a proven concept created by Brand Strategist and Strategic Growth Advisor Larry Gulko in tandem with the Disney Institute.

In today’s rapidly evolving competitive landscape,  it’s critical to continually transform your brand to make it more appealing, authentic, personal, and powerful. During the retreat, Larry will work with you to harness the knowledge and experience of your leadership team to unleash the power of your brand and drive success to the next level.

You’ll take part in dynamic, strategic discussions, where passion runs high, and breakaway ideas flow faster than you can imagine. Everyone on your team will be engaged and stimulated by the spirited, interactive discussions that take place – openly sharing their insights in a relaxed, guided forum. Read Less ^