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Mike  Evans

Mike Evans

Acclaimed Author & Visionary Expert on the Intersection of AI & Human Potential

Mike Evans

Acclaimed Author & Visionary Expert on the Intersection of AI & Human Potential


In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, adaptation is the key to success. Enter Mike Evans, acclaimed speaker, author and visionary expert on the intersection of artificial intelligence (AI) and human potential. With a keen understanding of the transformative power of AI and its implications for individuals and organizations, Evans is at the forefront of guiding audiences towards thriving in the new world of work. 

In addition to being a leading authority on Artificial Intelligence Impact and Future Work, clients rely upon Mike’s solutions to; Accelerate Change, Shape Their Optimal Culture, and Unleash Personal and Organizational Accountability and Resilience.

In his compelling presentations, Evans delves into the profound impact of AI on the workplace, exploring how advancements in technology are reshaping industries and redefining the nature of work itself. With a blend of research-backed insights and real-world examples, he illuminates the opportunities and challenges that AI presents, empowering audiences to embrace change and harness the full potential of emerging technologies.

Central to Evans' message is the importance of agility, accountability, resilience and self-leadership in navigating the complexities of the digital age. By embracing this messaging, individuals and organizations position themselves for sustained excellence amidst technological disruption. Individuals, teams and organizations yield immediate results by applying what they learn.

Evans doesn't just inspire; he equips audiences with actionable strategies for thriving in the era of AI. From cultivating a growth mindset to fostering collaboration and adaptability, his insights provide a roadmap for individuals and teams to thrive in the face of uncertainty and change. As organizations grapple with the challenges of digital transformation, Mike Evans offers a beacon of clarity and guidance. With his unparalleled expertise on AI and change, he empowers audiences to embrace the future with confidence, unlocking their potential to excel in the new world of work.

34 of Fortune 50 are clients. Mike works with organizations around the globe and in virtually every arena, from the tech sector to financial services, manufacturing, health care, hospitality, entertainment, retail, and the US Government. Clients include: Intel, Capital One, Apple, Home Depot, Caterpillar, PNC Bank, Cargill, Pfizer, General Mills, H&R Block, The United States Navy, John Deere, Fidelity Investments, Monsanto, Google, US Steel, Rite Aid, Agilent Technologies, Johnson & Johnson, Symantec, Cigna Corporation, ITPA, US Department of Commerce, BNY Mellon, Oracle, Astra Zeneca, Baxter International Inc., Shell Oil, UPMC, Citrus Valley Health, McAfee, American Airlines, Masonite, Novartis, Ernst & Young, ACE Hardware, DuPont USA, Quest Diagnostics, State Farm, BP Oil, Heinz USA, NAFCU, and NASA.

Clients describe him as inspiring, motivating and a ball of energy with an unequalled focus and passion for helping them achieve their desired results – both professional and personal. His style is engaging, upbeat, entertaining, thought-provoking, compelling, and most importantly educational, relevant and impactful. 

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Introduction and Focus Areas

Speech Topics

FUTURE WORK: Thrive Through Artificial Intelligence Impact, Disruption & Change, and Today’s Sea of Sameness

Seven formidable forces have joined together and are gunning for our jobs, looking to displace departments and to reinvent and disrupt all industries. Standing still is not an option. Complacency and clinging to the status-quo are the death knell to individuals, teams and organizations. These forces are not just trends, but seismic shifts that demand our attention. Among them

  • Artificial Intelligence Impact – Upon Individuals, Teams and Organizations
  • White-Collar Robots
  • Revolutionary and World-Changing Software
  • Expansion of Internet Capabilities
  • Today’s ‘Commoditized Economy’ (Sea of Sameness)

We are amidst a brawl with few rules, where the fast, adaptive, resilient and agile will be rewarded. Those unwilling or unable to evolve risk vulnerability and obsolescence. In this New World of Work, leveraging ideas, speed, talent, distinction and leadership at all levels will separate top performing individuals and organizations from the laggards.

Drawing from real-world examples and cutting-edge research, this keynote explores the critical importance of agility, resilience, and forward-thinking leadership in navigating the complexities of today’s disruptive environment. For those willing to adapt, the future is not a threat, but a canvas upon which to paint their success story.

Adapting to and embracing change – igniting engagement, passion, ownership and creativity that is often lacking during times of disruption, is the preeminent competency individuals and teams must cultivate. Learn what it will take to thrive and excel in the New World of Work –  Future Work.


  • Employ strategies to thwart AI impact, relentless change, and disruptive forces. Cultivate leadership skills to navigate uncertainty and inspire resilience. Develop the agility and tenacity needed to secure your place in the future of work.
  • Discover the essential skills and competencies required to thrive in the New World of Work. Understand how to cultivate distinctiveness in a world where AI threatens to render knowledge ubiquitous. Build and enhance your personal and organizational brand to stand out in today’s sea of sameness.
  • Gain invaluable insights into how to harness the power of innovation, distinction and agility to adapt and stay ahead of the curve and seize new opportunities for growth.
  • Position yourself and your team for long-term success and relevance in an increasingly dynamic marketplace. Cultivate a growth mindset.
  • Transform your culture from one of obligation to one of aspiration, where change is embraced, and accountability thrives. Join us to unlock the secrets to thriving amidst disruption and shaping a brighter future in the New World of Work.


Accountability is the Catalyst to: Accelerated Change, Robust Employee Engagement, Intensified Ownership, Relentless Perseverance, Impeccable Alignment, and propels individuals, teams and organizations to intoxicating heights of achievement and success. Learn what it takes to awaken the whatever it takes attitude, belief, resolve, perseverance, confidence, determination, drive and creativity to achieve what matters most to individuals, teams and organizations.

Accountability crumbles silos, boosts teamwork and collaboration, strengthens camaraderie, creativity, resiliency, agility, trust, and communication. Accountability is a current that feeds into the slipstream of success. Your performance, your decisions, and your results are all within your control; when you operate from that premise, magic happens. You deliver like never before because you are personally invested in the outcome. Achieve with Accountability shows you how to nourish that can-do mindset, so you can begin to achieve what matters most.

Discover how to transform accountability into a positive, engaging and forward looking experience that will secure your position in the new world of work. Learn how to kick-start a revolution that will blast your team or organization to new heights of success. With the world coming at us fast and furious every day, it’s easy to feel like you’ve lost control of your own life, your team or your organization. By choosing to take and lead accountability you reclaim control and are able to direct your own destiny.

In today’s constant changing competitive environment individuals, teams and organizations must be prepared to convincingly answer these critically important questions:

  1. Who are you? What makes you distinctive in today’s ‘sea of sameness?’
  2. How are you dramatically unique or different?
  3. How do you make a significant difference, or create an astonishing overt benefit?
  4. What is/are your reason/s why anyone should believe in you? Convince me!


  • Discover the 4 keys to accountability, along with the observable best practices.
  • Cultivate the agility, flexibility and resiliency to adapt and thrive during constant change.
  • Foster collaboration, camaraderie and teamwork – Establish unshakable trust and credibility.
  • Intensify ownership, engagement and alignment – Crumble silos and abolish territorialism.
  • Instill a can-do, steely resolve, solutions focused mindset in the face of difficult challenges, obstacles and barriers.
  • Eradicate the blame-game and vanquish excuse-making that stifle peak performance.
  • Shed feelings of disarray, discomfort, apathy, entitlement, indifference and despair.
  • Unleash voluntary contributions of discretionary performance that is often left untapped in individuals, teams and organizations.
  • Discover how to develop and enhance your ‘desired brand’ to secure your position now and in the future.
  • Grasp what it takes to unleash your true potential.
  • Develop a team or organization that is connected, aligned and manifests your organizations brand.
  • Break through self-imposed barriers and mediocrity.


Culture, simply put, is the convergence of the way your employees think and act. That culture is producing your organization’s every result (financial, operational, customer, employee, etc.). If your future desired results are loftier, more difficult, of just different than those you are achieving today, will your current culture be able to deliver? Most often, the results teams and organizations must achieve in the future will require employees to think and act differently. Creating those ‘shifts’ in how employees think and act is what will propel your team or organization toward those desired results.

Your culture is your ‘brand.’ The experiences your culture creates (the manner in which your employees think and act) will either reinforce that current ‘brand’ or evoke a new one. You can either lead your culture, or it will lead you. An organization’s (or team’s) culture is either an engine propelling it toward it’s desired results, or an anchor impeding and hindering it’s progress. You can define, lead and shape your optimal culture.

Embrace memorable principles that can be put into practice immediately. Whatever the desired results you wish to achieve or challenges within your organization – lofty growth, distinction, culture change, innovation, breaking down silos, improving collaboration, employee engagement, merging cultures, doing more with less – it is through your people that you will either succeed or fail. The manner in which your people behave is a reflection of leadership.

Learn to cultivate an environment where employees at all levels are engaged, energized and flourish. How do you effectively tap into the enormous wealth of creativity, innovation, passion, energy and commitment of employees that is often left idle? Much different than ‘job satisfaction’ (there are a lot of highly paid miserable people who are satisfied with their job) – engagement is about passionate, focused and committed employees contributing daily to help achieve what matters most.

Through intentional focus on a few proven principles, you can ignite extraordinary results within your team or organization. Decades of research have pinpointed principles and practices that accelerate desired shifts in culture. These straightforward, practical and memorable tips can transform your culture to support and deliver your ‘must-achieve desired results.’ The results that will ensure you thrive and excel in the new world of work.


  • Learn how to create shifts in the way employees think and act so that your desired culture will flourish and heighten organizational performance.
  • Foster increased levels of trust, collaboration and teamwork
  • Ignite a heightened sense of urgency, accountability, and ownership at all levels of your organization
  • Intensify ownership, engagement and alignment – Crumble silos and abolish territorialism.
  • Understand how to identify the root cause of undesired cultural beliefs and actions that impede progress, and how to infuse desired beliefs and actions to accelerate achievement of desired results.
  • Discover how to gain voluntary commitments from colleagues so they self-select desired actions – Stop wasting time enforcing compliance around policies and procedures.
  • Develop a culture where employees ‘bring more of themselves’ to the workplace – trigger innovation, creativity and passion.
  • Create organizational laser-like focus on what matters most – eliminate confusion, misunderstanding, miscommunication, mistrust, frustration and indifference.

LEADING CHANGE: Accelerate Achievement of What Matters Most & Thrive in the Age of Disruption

In the past, change was episodic, transient, and gradual; now, change is constant as business, technology, and society itself continue to evolve at an ever more rapid pace. Accelerating Change – igniting engagement, passion, ownership and creativity that is often lacking during times of change, can be accomplished using proven memorable and pragmatic principles. Learn why some organizations achieve and exceed desired results.

Driving a strategy that requires change in human behavior may be the most difficult challenge a leader can face. What do top leaders do to gain voluntary contributions of discretionary performance from those they lead? How do they create alignment, ownership and accountability for desired results at every level of an organization? How do they ensure that key strategies are not slowly suffocated, but instead produce extraordinary results?

Leading change has become a critical competency in today’s economy. But there is a significant and crucial difference between leading and managing change – not only in the approach, but also more importantly in the results. The success, or lack thereof, with transformational change efforts hinges on a few key principles that have been identified, studied and validated.

Leveraging talent, ideas, speed, distinction and leadership are keys to accelerating change. Accelerated achievement of desired results can be accomplished through consistent focused attention over time on a few practical, pragmatic and memorable principles. Discover the practices demonstrated by exemplary leaders that result in others voluntarily choosing to follow them.

Intentional focus on these principles will ignite extraordinary results within your organization. Decades of research have identified five principles and practices that propel organizations forward to blast through the common barriers, obstacles, challenges and inertia that derail most change efforts.


  • Embrace the key change principles that are common among successful change efforts. heighten and refine your untapped leadership potential.
  • Understand the critical difference between leading and managing change and the appropriate ratio required to accelerate change.
  • Discover what it takes to move employees from compliance to commitment – jettison resistance.
  • Learn how to create a ‘Want-To’ versus a ‘Have-To’ culture. A culture where change is embraced.
  • Avoid the primary pitfalls and traps that sabotage most change efforts.
  • Learn the five best practices demonstrated by exemplary leaders and how you can apply them.
  • Discover the key elements of communicating a vision that lead to increased levels of commitment, engagement and accountability.
  • Understand what it takes to cultivate a culture where employees ‘bring more of themselves’ to the workplace – where they are engaged, energized and flourish.
  • Learn how to lead, develop and cultivate a culture/team that is equipped to overcome the new ‘forces that are coalescing’ to dramatically alter the corporate and economic landscape.
  • Discover what it takes to lead a culture/team that is aligned, resolute, engaged, agile and takes accountability and ownership to achieve what matters most.
  • Arouse a sense of purpose, distinction and passion among your employees.