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Peter  Guber

Peter Guber

Producer & Entrepreneur


As founder and CEO of Mandalay Entertainment, the visionary multimedia venture spanning movies, TV, sports, and new media, Peter Guber is among the most successful executives and entrepreneurs in the entertainment and communications industries. Films he personally produced or executive produced—including Rain Man, Batman, The Color Purple, Midnight Express, Gorillas in the Mist, The Witches of Eastwick, Missing, and Flashdance—have resonated with audiences all over the world, earning over $3 billion worldwide and garnering more than 50 Academy Award nominations. Read More >

Most recently—and after much hankering from longtime friend and business partner Earvin “Magic” Johnson—Guber agreed to buy the Los Angeles Dodgers. As the ownership team’s slick Hollywood insider, Guber brings his business acumen and marketing savvy to the group. With decades of experience connecting with audiences in entertainment, sports, and digital media, among other industries, his immediate involvement consists of developing business and enhancing the fan experience.

A passionate, humorous, and tireless motivator and speaker, Guber has dedicated himself to coaching current and future leaders about the importance of telling purposeful stories to propel their business success. Guber is the sponsor of e2e: A Day of Generosity, an annual conclave in which top business storytelling experts and leaders share storytelling best practices, brainstorm, and collaborate on bringing the magic of telling purposeful stories to the people of enterprises everywhere.

Guber led Sony Pictures as chairman and CEO, Columbia Pictures as president, Polygram as chairman and CEO, and Casablanca Record & Filmworks as co-owner and co-chairman. While at Sony, the company achieved an industry-best domestic box office market share of 17% and led all competitors with the highest four-year total of Academy Award nominations ever for a single company.

Guber has been a full professor at the UCLA School of Theater, Film, and Television for nearly four decades. Among the many courses Guber launched is "Navigating a Narrative World," which has brought in such experts as Deepak Chopra, Pat Riley, Chris Anderson, and Bran Ferran. The course educates graduate students from the schools of business; theater, film and television; law; and public policy about the importance of telling purposeful stories.

Guber is a member of the UCLA Foundation Board of Trustees, as well as the winner of UCLA's prestigious Service Award for his accomplishments in association with the school. He is the chair of the Founding Board of Advisors for the Center for Managing Enterprises in Media, Entertainment & Sports (MEMES) at the UCLA Anderson School of Management.

With vast experience in front of the camera, Guber could be seen every Sunday morning for six years on American Movie Classics (AMC) cable network as co-host of the critically acclaimed national TV show Shootout, featuring the major stars and entrepreneurs of the entertainment industry. AMC moved Guber's talents to primetime with a series of one-hour specials in 2009 called StoryMakers. Guber can currently be seen as co-host of In the House, a weekly, national half-hour news and interview show on Encore and KNBC, which focuses on industry trends in pop culture, providing a platform for major stars, key filmmakers, and other creative and business leaders to comment on their industry. He can also be seen weekly as an entertainment and media analyst on Fox Business News' America's Nightly Scoreboard with David Asman.

In November 2010, Guber, together with Joe Lacob, managing partner of Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, acquired the Golden State Warriors. Guber is owner and co-executive chairman of the NBA franchise that services the Bay Area.

A noted author, Guber co-wrote the bestseller Shootout, published by Penguin Putnam, which was released in hardcover and paperback. In December 2007, Guber wrote the cover article for the Harvard Business Review titled "The Four Truths of the Storyteller." He also authored op-ed pieces for The New York Times and The San Francisco Chronicle. Guber recently released his third book, Tell to Win – Connect, Persuade, and Triumph with the Hidden Power of Story, which became a #1 bestseller in The New York Times, USA Today, and The Wall Street Journal, as well as on Amazon.com. Fortune named it one of five books “that can actually help you run your business.” 

Guber was recruited by Columbia Pictures out of NYU's Graduate School of Business where he was pursuing an MBA. He holds BA, Master of Law, and Juris Doctorate degrees. Guber is a member of the UCLA Foundation Board of Trustees, as well as the winner of UCLA's prestigious Service Award for his accomplishments and association with the university. He received his honorary doctorate in fine arts from the University of Connecticut; was named Albert Gallatin Fellow at New York University; is a recipient of Syracuse University's George Arents Pioneer Award, the highest honor that can be given an alumnus, for his distinguished work in film; and is also a recipient of USC's Dean's Award for National Business Leadership. Read Less ^

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There’s No Business Without Show Business

There’s no business without show business! If you can’t show “it,” articulate what “it” is, and incite and excite others to viral market “it” for you—no matter what you call “it” in your business—you’ve got a flop. As someone who has had his share of profitable and critically acclaimed successes with such hit films as Batman, Rain Man, Flashdance, and The Kids Are All Right, in addition to owning and managing record-breaking professional Minor League Baseball teams and stadiums, Peter Guber—the current owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers—is in the hit-generating business. Read More >

But his journey hasn’t been without its misses. In a career that’s spanned four decades, Guber has also suffered highly public flops like a professional hockey team where the audience didn’t give a puck, and movies like Bonfire of the Vanities, where people tried to walk out—even when it was shown on planes! Yet, he didn’t surrender; he more than endured; he triumphed.

With this often hilarious, highly entertaining, and always on-point speech, audiences will be energized and motivated by someone with firsthand experience who knows “it ain’t over till it’s over.” Everyone has the power to survive misfortune in their industry and generate sweet success. Read Less ^

Divining & Designing the Culture of Innovation

How do the most successful companies and leaders generate ideas, unleash the creative talent of their people, move innovative thinking throughout their organization while overcoming resistance, and have an accelerated time to market that leaves competitors in the dust? Read More >

Peter Guber draws from his four decades of successes in the creative industry of entertainment, innovating on all sides of the food chain—from working with creatives to corporate to partners, vendors, and audiences—in addition to leading or investing in cutting-edge early stage companies like Demand Media (where he’s on the Board of Directors) and Geek Chic Daily. He also draws from his experience as reinventing sports teams and stadiums in professional basketball, baseball, and hockey to share first-person stories based on his demonstrated successes to provide the tools to change your Monday.

Be motivated by a masterful storyteller who will ignite and incite the culture of innovation and the tools to execute on it in your organization. Read Less ^

Storytelling for Business Success

Great storytelling is more than just entertainment; it is a highly powerful and vastly underutilized professional business tool. It is indeed the secret sauce that can propel your success—whether you are an executive, entrepreneur, sales manager, marketing and communications expert, artist, consultant, inventor, human resources professional, or assistant. Read More >

Unfortunately, by the time most people have entered business, stories as professional tools have been dismissed as too soft or suspect and have been replaced by soulless bullets and forgettable data. Yet, only stories and their telling can create the emotional experiences that make the important information embedded in memory, resonant, and actionable.

In this entertaining, enlightening, and informative keynote, Guber shares his methodology of how to employ the power of the oral story to: Read Less ^

  • Sell more products/services
  • Lead more persuasively
  • Manage more effectively
  • Inspire greater creativity
  • Foster deeper collaboration
  • Rebrand your product or company
  • Communicate change
  • Generate viral advocacy for your vision or mission
  • Overcome resistance

Leading & Succeeding in Uncertain Times

The rapid changes reshaping business today requires leaders who stay ahead of the curve, embrace uncertainty, overcome fear (which Peter Guber defines as “False Evidence Appearing Real”), and take informed risks by “flying in the red zone” where failure lurks but a greater opportunity horizon lies. Guber credits much of his tremendous business success in volatile times to heeding these navigational stakes in not one, but five different industries—from blockbuster, critically acclaimed, and award-winning movies like Rain Man, Batman, Gorillas in the Mist, and The Kids Are All Right, to owning among the most successful professional minor league baseball teams and stadiums (and now, as owner and co-executive chairman of the NBA franchise, The Golden State Warriors, is in the process of transforming this team under extremely uncertain conditions) to finding, investing in, and growing cutting-edge new media companies (such as Geek Chic Daily, Mandalay Digital Group, and Demand Media) to locating, developing, and selling highly profitable real estate ventures to holding a professorship at UCLA for more than four decades where his highly popular courses consistently sell out. Read More >

Be engaged by a creative entrepreneur with the demonstrated success to speak from first-person experience on surviving and thriving in uncertain times. Read Less ^