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Rick  Barrera

Rick Barrera

Marketing Consultant & Author


Rick Barrera has lived “in the trenches” solving real world business issues for over 25 years as a consultant and business owner. As a speaker, he captivates audiences with real life stories and future focused thinking. Read More >

He is the Head of Faculty for The Center for Heart Led Leadership in Denver, Colorado, a frequent host of "Connect and Collaborate Radio" on Denver's MoneyTalk Radio and Co-Host of The Financial Advisor Show Podcast.

He has helped dozens of companies, radically shift their focus, invigorate their cultures, re-design their systems, accelerate revenue growth and serve customers at significantly higher levels. . His fresh thinking approach has influenced Abbott Labs, Ameriprise, Auto Crib, AutoZone, Bayer, Caterpillar, GMAC, IBM, Invisible Fence, Husqvarna, Intel, Merrill Lynch and Verizon - to name a few.

He has authored books on Alignment, Branding, Marketing, Sales and Customer Service including Overpromise and Overdeliver: How to Design and Deliver Extraordinary Customer Experiences which was a Wall Street Journal and Business Week Best Seller. He is currently working on a leadership book entitled We Before Me.

He lives in beautiful San Diego, CA with his two Perfect-Angel-Genius-Children. Read Less ^

Speech Topics

Our Exponential Future

In this fast-paced exciting talk, Rick Barrera will show you how 7 core technologies will dramatically change the business landscape and transform human existence over the next decade. Cheap energy, abundant clean water, low cost food, free computing, nanotechnology, dematerialization, and demonetization will come together to revolutionize how we think, live, feel and work… Read More >

Why should you believe in this revolution? Because the world’s best and brightest minds have come together through social entrepreneurship to build it. Dean Kamen, Elon Musk, Craig Ventner, Peter Diamandis, Ray Kurzweil, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Bill Joy, Larry Page, Daniel Kahneman, Jeff Skoll, Stewart Brand, Ratan Tata and many others are working together for the first time to design a brighter future for all of us. Working together, they are creating Our Exponential Future…

If your organization could use some good news and a powerful dose of optimism, this speech is just what the doctor ordered. Your team will leave excited about the future and stimulated to think about the infinite new opportunities that are ready to be harvested by forward thinking organizations who understand the untold cornucopia that is about to be spread before us. Read Less ^

Rethinking Customer Service

No matter how big your company, no matter what your business, exceptional customer service can be the difference that delivers a competitive edge. This program will teach your customer service employees how to maximize your revenue by treating your customers like the valuable asset they are. Read More >

Too may managers focus on the cost of delivering outstanding customer service rather than looking at the profit it can generate.

Key Concepts Read Less ^

  • For customer service to drive revenue, margin and profit, your company must develop a reputation for delivering outstanding customer service.
  • To develop a reputation for service, it must be consistently delivered at every customer touch point by every employee.
  • Today’s customers focus on the total experience, not just the product or service.
  • Every customer contact creates a “Moment of Mediocrity,” a “Moment of Misery” or a “Moment of Magic.”
  • Profitable service means taking advantage of the sales opportunity in every service situation.
  • Service people must understand that although the customer may not always be right, they are always the customer.
  • A fresh look at Nordstrom, Disney, Google, Amazon, Four Seasons and other, models of exceptional customer service: how they recruit, train, coach and motivate for outstanding, consistent customer service
  • The five key future trends for service.

Overpromise & Overdeliver: The Shortcut to Marketplace Dominance

To stand out in a transparent, hyper-competitive, real-time marketplace your offer must be radically different from your competitors…and you have to instantly prove your value to customers…You must Overpromise and Overdeliver! Read More >

Key Concepts: Read Less ^

  • Incremental differences go unnoticed in a hyper-competitive marketplace. You must radically differentiate your company, brand, products, services and offers to earn marketplace attention
  • You must be able to succinctly articulate your uniqueness with an Overpromise
  • To win customers, you must be able to instantly prove that you can Overdeliver on your Overpromise by demonstrating your uniqueness at Critical Customer TouchPoints
  • Once customers experience your uniqueness, they can spread word-of-mouth quickly by using your succinctly articulated Overpromise to tell others about your radical difference!
  • The shortest path to market dominance is to Overpromise and Overdeliver

Designing a Results-Driven Heart-Led Company

Where are you going? Is your team going with you? Do they know why the destination is mission critical? Are they onboard? Are they passionate about getting there quickly? Read More >

To earn your team’s loyalty and passion, you must have a clearly defined, exciting, heart-pumping, euphoria-producing destination. You must shape The Grand Story for your team and show them where each of them fit in the Grand Story, why their talents and passions are unique, and uniquely needed to make the journey possible. They must be committed individually and collectively to reaching the Daring Destination.

In this keynote, Rick Barrera will show you why defining the right destination is 90% of the battle. Then he’ll show you how to accomplish the other 110% of your mission. Yes, 200%! Since when is perfection good enough? Why merely accomplish your goals when you can blow the doors off! High Performance Teams are never happy unless they are exceeding their goals. Isn’t life more fun when you are winning?

Leaders will learn:

  • How to choose a Daring Destination
  • How to define the right results that will delight customers and excite team members
  • How to use meaningful missions and milestones to turbo-charge results
  • Why leaders must know what is in their team’s hearts and heads and how to inspire both
  • How to drive passion and metrics at the same time
  • Why team values and behaviors are essential to success
  • How to get discretionary effort from every team member
  • How to wield the two-sided sword of selfishness

Rick Barrera believes that results and love are two sides of the same coin. If you love your company, team, job, project and customers, how could you deliver anything less than your best? Heart Led Leadership is not soft, in fact, it couldn’t be more hard-nosed. It is about total commitment, excellence, passion, teamwork and most importantly, results! But how you get those results is always through people… Read Less ^

Collaborative Selling

How well does your sales team know your prospects? How well do they research them prior to their first call? Do they know how to properly interview prospects and customers to learn what they are thinking and feeling? Are they aligning their offers with your customer’s top priorities? Read More >

In this interactive session, Rick Barrera will show you how to make sure that all of these things are happening using his unique Collaborative Selling Methodology.

You Will Learn: Read Less ^

  • How to create a territory plan that guarantees an income boost every year including how to identify the “Metrics that Matter.”
  • Why it is critical that you have written relationship plan customers, prospects and mentors
  • How to create streams of relationships to broaden your base
  • How to use technology and social media to generate unlimited high quality leads
  • How to penetrate the right associations to build your pipeline and reputation
  • How to leverage your CRM to make your life easier and generate more revenue
  • How to position yourself, your company and your offer to be in a “Category of One”
  • How to get out of the transaction business and into the profitable relationship business
  • How to create streams of information that keep you on the cutting edge of your industry and market trends