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Robert  Richman

Robert Richman

Culture Strategist at Zappos & Author of The Culture Blueprint


Robert Richman was Culture Strategist at Zappos, and author of The Culture Blueprint, a systematic guide to the high-performance workplace. Robert co-created Zappos Insights, a Zappos subsidiary educating companies about the secrets behind Zappos’ amazing employee culture and world-class customer service. He took the proof of concept from a small website to a multi-million dollar business teaching over 25,000 students per year. Read More >

As one of the world’s authorities on employee culture, Robert is a sought-after keynote speaker at conferences around the world and has been hired to teach culture in person at companies such as Google, Toyota, Westin, Salesforce, Anthem, Bridgestone, and Eli Lilly.

Robert helps companies build culture through experiences. Using principles of high performance and self-organization, Robert creates an event called Open Space that lets the group focus on what they are most passionate about then follows up with recorded insights and action items. He works with companies both virtually and in-person to tap into the full potential of their teams.

Robert is also well-versed in the cryptocurrency markets and is writing his next book, The Decentralized Company – An open-source guide to building a self-managed, distributed workforce.

Robert graduated from Northwestern University with a degree in film, as well as from Georgetown University’s Leadership Coaching Program He is based out of San Diego, California. Read Less ^

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Speech Topics

Surprise & Delight Your Customers & Employees

Warren Buffett said there is one determining factor for successful brands: They delight their customers. Inspire your people to deliver outstanding service in this energized experience about surprise and delight. Zappos became known for being the #1 Customer Service brand according to American Express customers. Zappos delivers a 90% NPS average (Net Promoter Score). Learn the secrets of creating a great experience from Robert Richman, the Culture Strategist from Zappos. Read More >


  • A highly entertaining and engaging experience.
  • The principles of outstanding customer service.
  • Why customer complaints are gold.
  • How to create a culture of surprise and delight from within.
  • Key hacks to put to use, immediately.

The Open Space Experience

Why have someone talk all about bringing your people together when you experience it? Open Space is a crowdsourced event that allows all your people to lead. Robert Richman has run open spaces for Intuit, Intel, Facebook, Pearson, and Sanford Healthcare. Read More >


  • The most engaging full company experience
  • All the truth of your current situation
  • Your people's best ideas
  • A true opportunity for people to step up and lead
  • A full report with action items.

The Xpill Experience

People who have experienced the Xpill have said it’s the equivalent of a 3-day self development workshop in less than 15 minutes. In a day and age when everything is changing so quickly, why can’t your leaders? Why can’t your team? Why can’t you? This highly engaging and interactive experience wakes people up with something completely different they’ve never seen before. Read More >


  • Help leaders discover their blocks
  • Bring passion to their lives
  • Connect with other leaders on a deeper level
  • Align actions with goals
  • Surface unconscious blocks