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Robyn  Hatcher

Robyn Hatcher

Coach and Author on Leadership, Communication, Mindset & Presence

Robyn Hatcher

Coach and Author on Leadership, Communication, Mindset & Presence


Robyn Hatcher, is a dynamic keynote speaker, communication expert, author, thought leader and an award-winning actor. Robyn transforms the careers of business leaders and the culture of organizations in the financial services industry and beyond. Using her 15 plus years in the entertainment industry and her experience as a certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming practitioner, she inspires. She invigorates. She leaves you with tangible skills you can apply the very next day. In 2018, Robyn appeared on Good Morning America speaking about the “#metoo” movement and was named one of the ’21 Leaders for the 21st Century’ 2019 by Women’s eNews!

Robyn has successfully trained and coached thousands of business professionals from Fortune 500 companies and noteworthy brands – Lifetime Television, Jones New York, UBS, Equitable, PayPal, Spotify, Con Edison, Hewlett Packard, and many others and has spoken in front of hundreds and has spoken in front of hundreds of audiences large and small like Black Business Expo, Professional Business Women of California, Women’s Professional Network, Professional Women of the Gulf Coast, Administrative Professionals Conference, Association of African American Advisors and many others.

Robyn is a vetted Vistage International speaker, a show host for WinWin Women TV and Vice President & Program Director of the National Speakers Association, NYC Chapter. 

She is also a managing partner with Practice Management Consultants, LLC. a consortium of Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) geared toward supporting Financial Services Firms on issues relating to Diversity & Inclusion, Sales & Communication, Leadership & Learning.

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INCLUSIVE LEADERSHIP I.C.U.: Encourage Leadership Readiness – Develop Leadership Mastery

Great leaders aren’t born, they are developed. You’ve hired the best. You want to retain them and help them exceed their potential. We all know that employees don’t leave because of their jobs, they leave because of the leadership.

What if there were a way to help leaders understand and engage diverse communication styles? What if there were a way for your people to feel seen, heard, and valued.

Robyn’s I.C.U Framework of workplace needs enhances participants’ ability to listen, lead and communicate. They will learn how to consistently engage and persuade direct reports, prospects, and clients with Robyn’s powerful strategies and research-backed insights.

OWNING IT!: From Invisible to Invaluable

Getting the best out of your best is the key to a successful organization. However, some of the most talented, and skilled individuals don’t feel empowered to speak up & and share their value. No matter how incredibly skilled you are, if you don’t speak up; your managers mis-read you and your colleagues don’t collaborate; recognition, advancement and job security may elude you.

This highly interactive and motivational keynote helps participants learn to own and assert their expertise, engage diverse communication styles, improve executive presence and become invaluable contributors to the workplace. Participants discover how to influence how they are perceived so that they can achieve more.

TAME THE NOTORIOUS N.B.G: Personal Branding & Executive Presence

Challenges are inevitable. But focusing on negative experiences causes undue stress and hampers performance and personal effectiveness. Scientists call this phenomenon, negativity bias. Robyn calls it The Notorious N.B.G (Negativity Bias Glitch).

In this motivating, inspiring keynote, participants learn techniques to deal with The Notorious N.B.G. and its cousin The Insidious Imposter Syndrome by developing a Personal Brand and learning to share it with confidence.