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Sadie  St. Lawrence

Sadie St. Lawrence

Chief Scientist, Founder of Women in Data & Top 30 Women in AI

Sadie St. Lawrence

Chief Scientist, Founder of Women in Data & Top 30 Women in AI


Sadie St. Lawrence is the Chief Scientist at SSL Innovations and the Founder of Women in Data. Women in Data is an international non-profit organization represented in 55 countries with a community of over 50,000 data leaders, practitioners, and enthusiasts. Women in Data has earned recognition as a Top 50 Leading Company of the Year and as the #1 community for Women in AI and Tech.

Before establishing SSL Innovations and Women in Data, Sadie gained extensive experience in data science and AI strategy, providing consulting services to healthcare, high-tech, and government organizations. She has educated more than 500,000 individuals in data science and has developed numerous machine learning programs.

Sadie's accomplishments include being named one of the Top 30 Women in AI (2022), one of the Top 10 Most Admired Businesswomen to Watch in 2021, a Top 21 Influencer in Data (2021), and one of the Top 30 Most Inspiring Women in AI (2021). She is also a recipient of the Outstanding Service Award from UC Davis (2019) and just recently, included in Dataleum’s 30 Outstanding Women in Data, 2023.

Apart from her accolades, Sadie serves on various start-up and non-profit boards, and hosts the Data Bytes podcast.

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Speech Topics

Navigating the AI Wave: A Blueprint for Business Leaders

Artificial Intelligence isn't just a buzzword—it's a transformative force redefining how we live, work, and innovate. In this talk, Sadie demystifies the landscape of AI, offering a guided tour through its untapped potentials, evolving trends, and actionable pathways for engagement. Business leaders will come away with a clear roadmap on how to leverage AI's transformative power in their respective industries.

Mind Meets Machine: How Neuroscience Informs AI & What It Means for Business

In a world increasingly steered by Artificial Intelligence, understanding its inner workings is crucial for effective business decision-making. Sadie bridges the gap between neuroscience and AI, revealing how the architecture of neural networks is inspired by the human brain. By dissecting how core principles of neuroscience have shaped AI, the talk demystifies this transformative technology, making it more accessible and actionable for C-Suite Executives, Entrepreneurs, and Decision-Makers. Attendees will leave with a deeper grasp of AI's foundation, equipping them to make more informed and strategic business decisions in an AI-driven landscape.

The Evolving Landscape of Work: Navigating Change in the Age of AI

In a rapidly evolving professional landscape, the integration of Artificial Intelligence and other disruptive technologies is reshaping the way we work. This talk by Sadie explores the seismic shifts in work culture, expectations, and roles for leaders, managers, and employees alike. In navigating these changes, the emphasis is on the necessity for a mindset of perpetual learning and curiosity. Sadie will provide actionable insights and recommendations to not just adapt, but thrive, in the next era of work. C-Suite Executives, Entrepreneurs, and Decision-Makers will come away better equipped to lead their organizations into a future that's already here.

Decoding Data: Cultivating a Data-Literate Culture in Your Organization

The quest to become a data-driven organization is not just about accumulating data; it's about fostering a culture fluent in the language of data. In this enlightening talk, Sadie underscores the critical need for data literacy at an organizational level. You'll discover effective strategies to spark interest in data literacy, teach fundamental skills, and facilitate data-focused conversations across the enterprise. Sadie will delve into the current skills gap and offer tailored solutions for training and upskilling at all organizational levels. C-Suite Executives, Entrepreneurs, and Decision-Makers will gain actionable insights into the tangible outcomes of cultivating a common data vernacular.

The Courage to Create: Building a Company & Life by Design

Venturing into the unknown requires more than just an idea—it calls for the courage to create. In this invigorating talk, Sadie challenges you to seize the reins of your destiny by founding a company and architecting a life that aligns with your deepest aspirations. You'll explore the daring mindset needed to step into uncharted territory, along with practical insights to navigate the complexities of entrepreneurship. C-Suite Executives, Entrepreneurs, and Decision-Makers will leave inspired to actively design both their professional and personal lives, armed with a newfound sense of courage.

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Podcast: Data Bytes