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Scott  Klososky

Scott Klososky

Technologist, Futurist, Humanist, Author & Consultant


As a founding partner of digital strategy firm, Future Point of View (FPOV), Scott lives on the leading edge of technology and innovative thinking. Scott speaks to large audiences worldwide about the intersection of humanity and the Digital Transformation. Through FPOV, Scott provides advisory work for clients including Fortune100, SMB’s and government entities. This work has driven him to develop unique concepts such as the HUMALOGY® Scale for measuring the amount of human or machine involved in a system or process, and the Rivers of Information® process for building learning eco-systems. He also pioneered a framework for looking accurately into the future of an industry sector in order to set organizational strategy: The High Beam process. Read More >

Scott co-founded Alkami Technology (ALKT), the developer of a second-generation online banking platform with innovative features non-existent in current systems. The company went public in 2021 at a $3billion valuation and is today headquartered in Dallas with over 350 employees.

Scott is recognized globally for his unique ability to accurately predict future digital trends and explain the logic behind why these will alter the current status quo of the economy and society. While business application of his insights is extremely valuable to leaders and companies, he is also motivated help improve the impact post Covid environments are having on people and their daily lives. Technology has been increasingly driving change and stress and recent events are amplifying this problem. He has a unique perspective on how to manage the personal toll technology is causing people, teams and organizations.

Even as a young child, Scott was destined to see the world through a Humalogy® lens. His father was a programmer for Boeing and his mother was a counselor who mixed many philosophies into her practice of helping people in life. To this day, he is a hybrid of a technologist and humanist who strives to find a hopeful future in blending the two.

Scott has the ability to entertain, inspire, and enlighten audiences, while helping them gain new perspectives about how technology is impacting us. Scott never does a canned presentation with the exact content across events. He sets himself apart from other speakers by architecting his content with the latest examples, current events and trends relevant for the keynote he is delivering. He is equally adept at giving large stage keynotes, speaking to small boards of directors, facilitating half and full day workshops, and doing break-out sessions. As an added bonus of his presentations, attendees come away learning how to be a better facilitator, speaker or presenter by seeing Scott use different applications and technologies to engage audiences either in a virtual, hybrid or in person setting. The best measure of his ability to inspire and inform audiences is the high percentage of speaking clients who bring him back for follow up work with their audiences.

He produces a podcast titled “The Digital Optimist” in which he delivers ideas about the transformation of humanity through the impact of technology with a positive and hopeful lens. He also writes a blog titled Digital Awakening.

In addition to fifteen years of consulting work through Future Point of View, Scott is the founder of numerous successful technology startup companies. This helps him understand clearly the business dynamics needed to survive and prosper today.

At 25 years old, Scott started his first business which became a collection of retail computer stores in Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas. His next endeavor was as founder and CEO of Paragraph, Inc., a Soviet/American joint venture founded in 1988 as USSR was just opening up to western business opportunities. Half of the company was later sold to Silicon Graphics, and the other half sold as well a few years later. As proof of his over the horizon vision, Scott was one of the very early western businesspeople to sign an agreement with the Soviet government under their new joint venture laws. Paragraph went on to license their handwriting text recognition software to Apple for use on the Newton handheld device.

Scott then collaborated with H.R. (Bob) Haldeman, Chief of Staff to President Nixon, to publish a diary of his years at the White House. Bob died right before the book was published and it went on to become a bestseller through Putnam Publishing. Again, Scott showed his High Beam capabilities by signing a deal with Sony Interactive to release the book with a companion CD-ROM.

In 1995 Scott started another company named Avant Digital Marketing. Just as the Internet was becoming known, Avant Digital was a very early digital marketing provider to companies like AOL and IBM. After a successful progression through single page websites to large and complicated eCommece sites, the company focused on the new world of streaming video over the Internet. The name was then changed to Webcasts.com. This start-up was an early producer of webcasted media ranging from corporate and government communications to sporting events and entertainment. It was sold in the year 2000 for $115 million.

From 2001 to 2003 Scott did a turn around on a company called Critical Technologies. The service they provided was a very early model of “software as a service” to provide digital document storage. The turnaround was successful, and the company later sold to General Electric.

From 2007 to 2011, Scott co-founded Alkami Technologies (ALKT) and served as its CEO. It was subsequently venture capital funded and Scott stepped back from an operational role.

The common ingredient across all of these companies has been the future leaning strategy of building something based on technologies that are new at the time. Scott understands clearly how to push the boundaries of digital transformation while also growing a company successfully.

Along the way Scott has participated as a board member with a number of firms, including WeGoLook which sold in 2017 for approximately $40 million and First Fidelity Bank in Oklahoma and Phoenix.

He is the author of four books including his most recent title, Did God Create the Internet? The Impact of Technology on Humanity. Read Less ^

Speaker Videos

Customer Experience: Selling in a Hyper Personalized World

The Consequences for Cybersecurity Failures

The Mobile Addiction

Speech Topics

The Business Case for the Metaverse

The metaverse/omniverse is the internet in 3D, a world of interconnected virtual communities where people can meet, work and play, using a mixture of virtual and augmented reality devices and smartphone apps. Although the metaverse provides extensive new business-to-consumer (B2C) opportunities to engage customers, B2B opportunities like telepresence and remote collaboration are quickly becoming available. Read More >

Scott will cover the Metaverse Ecosystem – how it works, who are the key players, how it will change the economy, and emerging opportunities to engage customers and improve back office processes. We are in an era when technology is systematically integrating more and more into our lives. He will show you how the MV is changing your industry and things leaders need to know about it. Plus, does every leadership team within an organization need to build a Metaverse strategy? Scott will give his insights on that and more in the fascinating topic.

Learning Objectives & Take-Aways Read Less ^

  • What influence is the Metaverse having on your industry?
  • Understand who are the key players are
  • Discover how the Metaverse will use leading-edge technologies like blockchain, NFTs, and cryptocurrencies to create persistent, digital ownership and seamless transactions
  • Consider how moving from a 2D internet to 3D Metaverse will change the way everyone will interact with your organization, affecting everything from sales & marketing to talent acquisition and retention
  • Reflect broadly on how to position your organization for the coming dynamic changes
  • Does your organization need a Metaverse strategy? If so, where do we start and how do we get it accomplished?

Thriving in the Digital Transformation: Leading Through Disruption

In today’s business environment, all leaders in every organization is currently facing the monumental task of maturing their tools, processes, and people in a world dominated by technology. Today, the speed at which this is happening is also very important. The digital and financial health of every organization is based on how well and how fast this transformation occurs. Read More >

In a thought-provoking and inspiring presentation, Scott walks you through the digital transformation and its formidable impact on your industry. Scott considers technologies that are currently impacting your industry, including the Internet of Things, automation, wearable devices, cashless society, hyperpersonalization, cybersecurity, and much more.

He peppers this talk with real world examples of organizations that have navigated the digital transformation successfully and those who have not.

Also, he will discuss how fast all of this is happening. Faster than your competition? How do we measure that? He also uses interesting and humorous anecdotes from his work as a CEO, technologist, and consultant to provide illustrations of the step’s leaders must take to pilot their organizations through a world that is evolving at unprecedented speeds. Read Less ^

Machine Intelligence: The Rise of Machines

The rise of machines is both exciting and scary for some people. It shouldn’t be “scary” and the more you learn about the subject, the more exciting it is. Machine Intelligence is poised to dramatically reshape all organizations and industries. It will give organizations better insight into their constituent outreach and back office processes while allowing them to run smarter and leaner. Read More >

Scott will cover the Machine Intelligence Ecosystem – Robotics, Smart Sensors, Cognitive Computing, AI, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning.

We are in an era when technology is systematically integrating more and more into our lives. He will show how MI is changing your industry and things leaders need to know about it.

Plus, does every leadership team within an organization need to build a Machine Intelligence strategy? Scott will give his insights on that and more in the fascinating topic. Read Less ^

Customer Experience: Selling in a Hyper-Personalized World

What if you knew exactly what each of your constituents (customers, members, patients, vendors, employees etc) REALLY wanted? Would that help you develop customer loyalty? If you could anticipate what each person wanted from you before they told you, how would knowing that change your approach? Read More >

Through use of big data and digital connections, you can individualize relationships with any client or prospect you value. A hot topic in marketing today is “hyper-personalization.”

This is the process of gathering a deep level of information on your constituents and then using that information to create loyal and valued relationships. This goes way beyond installing a CRM system! Scott has been on the vanguard of digital marketing techniques since digital marketing was born.

In this session, he combines his custom knowledge of your industry and digital marketing savvy to show attendees several new methods for driving business. This includes using the process of “mapping the customer journey” to detail every touchpoint in relationships and how either a human or technology connection can be used to create a fantastic experience.

As a special bonus, Scott can provide sample templates and tools that are used to complete these processes, so attendees can create a strategic plan for their organization. Read Less ^

The Future of Cybersecurity: Protecting Ourselves in an Increasingly Connected World

The field of cybersecurity will only grow in its impact on people, organizations and our world. What will the future bring? In this presentation, Scott looks forward to tackling some of the challenges we will soon face in cyberspace. Read More >

Will we continue to witness a rise of surveillance on each of us, constant threats of digital attacks from state-sponsored actors, people from across the globe with the ability to seize control of our vehicles, our wearable devices, and our smart homes, are you implementing Integrated Security?

These are some of the important topics that will be addressed in this presentation. Scott is recognized for his unique future vision and his ability to extrapolate technology trends that will influence our world. In this program, he points this capability toward the world of cybersecurity to explain why it will become one of the most critical elements of our future. Read Less ^

The Technology Integration of Humanity

A recent study shows the average age a child first sees porn is eight years old. Pause for a beat and consider the impact of that statement and know that there are many more startling facts that surround the way technology is integrating into every aspect of our personal and professional lives. Read More >

Among the millions of utopian joys gained from the internet we also find ourselves enduring much that is dystopian. The concepts discussed in Scott’s most recent book, Did God Create the Internet?

The Impact of Technology on Humanity, are the backbone of this thought-leading keynote. One of the most speculated questions people (especially parents) have about technology is how it will impact us as a species over time.

Will all these new digital tools be good or bad for us as a species? What is technology doing to us today? Are we going to be happier? Work longer and harder, or less? Will we have less privacy? Will younger generations lose capabilities that older generations had, or will our young people be much more powerful than their predecessors?

Scott weaves together technology and philosophy into a thought-provoking talk that is sure to be mind expanding. There is a lot of flexibility to deliver content that is futuristic or relevant today.

The tone can be conversational and filled with stories, or a serious call to action to make better decisions about boundaries with digital tools. (Despite the title of Scott’s book, this talk is not religious in nature.) Read Less ^

Trends, Technology & Taking the Lead

Technology isn't simply a tool. In the right hands, Technology can almost be magical in its ability to give us new capabilities. As a leader, it is critical that you understand how technology can be fully leveraged in order to drive top-line revenues, or lower bottom-line costs. Scott will discuss practical technology tools and concepts that can be used as soon as you get back to the office. Read More >

With Scott’s fast-paced and entertaining style, he will create context for many of the words and concepts that you have heard about but couldn’t quite apply. Many people talk about the Digital Transformation and few people really can describe what it is and how it is changing the world, and the economy. It is important for people in the technology industry to have the 30,000 ft view of the transformation so they can make solid design decisions, and even career choices. Also, so you are moving through digital transformation – are you moving fast enough?

Scott Klososky speaks all over the world on how the impact the Digital Transformation is having on the human race, as well as how organizations go to market. His presentation will focus on subjects such as how technology is integrating into humanity, machine intelligence, cybersecurity, and the critical need to be able to look over the horizon accurately Read Less ^

Creating Balance In A New Workforce Environment

Work from home was a lifesaver in 2020, a catalyst that showed leaders they can provide workforce flexibility, and now the challenges begin… Read More >

The return to the office is a welcome sign in the fight against COVID and a relief to leaders who are eager to get back to the familiar ways they manage their teams. In Oklahoma, leaders and employees, alike, called digital platforms the “saving grace” for their company, allowing them to shift to a distributed workforce rather than shut down completely.

More than survive, adapting to remote work enabled many to thrive. The experience will not easily be forgotten, and mounting data shows not everyone wants to.

Nearly two-thirds (63 percent) of people don’t want to go back to working full-time in the office, according to an Oklahoma statewide case study of work and digital communications during COVID. Many participants in the multisector study prefer to work remotely two to three days per week, indicating a permanent shift in the workforce to a new way of life.

Remote work was more successful than expected, but in 2021 the challenges begin. Read Less ^