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Severence  MacLaughlin

Severence MacLaughlin

Artificial Intelligence Expert & Data Scientist


One of the top ranked data scientists in the world, Severence McLaughlin is a recognized authority on artificial intelligence and leveraging AI, data sciences and advanced analytics to overcome challenges and optimize opportunities. As an advisor to C-level executives and Fortune 500 companies in a range of sectors, including healthcare, banking, financial services, fintech, life sciences/pharma, energy and retail, Dr. McLaughlin has helped organizations accelerate growth, harness data and leapfrog competition. As a speaker and thought leader, he is known for demystifying the complex, finding actionable ways to improve outcomes, increase productivity, decrease costs, enhance compliance and increase ROI and top line growth. All while providing a fascinating overview of the future of AI and the ever-evolving world of data and analytics. Read More >

Dr. McLaughlin’s career is marked by an impressive track record in AI, data sciences, operational strategic analytics, biointelligence, competitive intelligence, due diligence and project execution in a range of industries. He has delivered over 40 new disruptive technologies and/or implemented Systems of Intelligence, resulting in over $1.8B in net present value to customers and an estimated $8B ROI over the next five years. He currently serves as Managing Partner of DeLorean Artificial Intelligence (DAI), which produces sentient and semi-sentient systems of intelligence for the sales, financial services, healthcare, life sciences, and natural resources markets. He previously served as Chief of Intelligence, Vice President--Artificial Intelligence & Data Sciences at Capgemini Invent, Capgemini’s digital innovation, consulting and transformation global business line. Prior to that, he was Global Head for Artificial Intelligence & Data Sciences in the healthcare and life sciences verticals and Head, Artificial Intelligence Learning Institute and Cognizant Academy of Data Sciences at Cognizant Technology Solutions. Dr. McLaughlin has also advised the U.S, Australian and several European governments on policy development for AI.

Dr. McLaughlin is one of the top-ranked life sciences/healthcare data scientists globally and ranked #1 Consulting Data Scientist in the life sciences and healthcare knowledge base. He was also recognized as an American Healthcare Leader in 2018. He has authored more than 20 international scientific papers. In addition to speaking to corporate, healthcare and university audiences, he has given lectures and presented papers at international scientific events and academic institutions. Dr. McLaughlin earned a BS (Magna Cum Laude, Honors & Distinction) at Cornell University, a doctorate degree (honors, top 1%) from the University of Adelaide and a post-doctoral fellowship at the University of South Australia.

An energizing speaker who prefers explanatory graphics, insightful observations and amusing analogies to technical jargon, Dr. McLaughlin captures attention and keeps attendees immersed and engaged. Known for adapting his cutting-edge content to range of audiences, he has spoken to C-level executives, tech visionaries, digital thought leaders and general audiences alike. Translating the latest in AI and data science into actionable insights, Dr. McLaughlin keeps you ahead of the curve and ready for the future. Read Less ^

Speaker Videos

The Evolution of Data

Speech Topics

Seizing the Data & AI Opportunity: An Evolution or Extinction Event

Remember Kodak? Blockbuster? Tower Records? Today, many companies may be facing their own evolution or extinction event—this time, around data and AI.  According to Dr. Severence MacLaughlin, industry’s inability to access and utilize an abundance of information to its fullest potential has led to suboptimal business outcomes in a range of areas. On the other hand, those who continue to evolve will significantly leapfrog their competition. A recent McKinsey report showed that those organizations investing in AI see a 17% increase in margin. Read More >

In this essential talk, which can be tailored to the specific interests of any audience or industry, Dr. MacLaughlin provides an illuminating look at the current and future landscape of advanced data analytics and AI, including: Read Less ^

  • The rapidly expanding AI economy—estimated at $15 trillion by 2030
  • The evolution of data and where it’s heading
  • The difference between data analytics, data sciences and artificial intelligence
  • The four forms of AI, from automated intelligence automation to autonomous intelligence
  • Creating integrated systems of intelligence
  • Getting the biggest ROI from your investment
  • What should your company be spending on AI and how does that compare to your industry?
  • The future of sentient AI

Understanding Your Customer Through AI

From pharma to fintech, companies in every industry are acquiring and accumulating an expanding universe of customer data. Yet only a fraction are optimizing AI-driven solutions to derive powerful insights, accelerate growth and leapfrog their competition. In this customer-focused talk filled with real world examples and intriguing case studies, Dr. Severence MacLaughlin shares how to leverage the data you may already have to understand your customers, improve their experience, and even predict their behaviors. Read More >

Tailored to the interests of the audience and their industry, Dr. MacLaughlin covers the full spectrum of advanced analytics and AI techniques to help you: Read Less ^

  • Determine your ideal customer. Is it different than who you think it is? If so, how do you close the gap?
  • Contact your customer at the right time, in the right channel, with the right message to drive conversion.
  • Understand your customer and develop actionable insights to increase ROI and top line growth
  • Avoid the “Netflix Mistake” of mathematically modeling your product, not your customer
  • Utilize AI to know what you don’t know
  • Reduce acquisition costs
  • Precisely target and segment current and potential customers
  • Understand where AI is going and what you can do now to gain a competitive advantage in a rapidly changing landscape

Reimagining Your Industry Using AI & Data Sciences

AI and other advanced technologies are poised to change the landscape in every industry. How can your organization leverage AI-driven solutions to increase ROI and top line growth, improve outcomes, reduce costs and improve productivity, better manage networks and operations, and enhance the member experience? Read More >

Leveraging his significant background in a range of industries, Dr. MacLaughlin provides an enlightening overview of the current healthcare AI landscape and its future opportunities, including: Read Less ^

  • What AI is and what AI is not
  • The four forms of AI
  • AI systems that learn from experiences and generate powerful insights
  • How to effectively channelize AI investments
  • Real-time identification of out-of-normal events or behavior
  • The power of predictive intelligence and intervention of behavior
  • Improving operations and rationalizing costs
  • AI personas
  • The promise of digital sentience

Robots, Drones & the Happy Version of “Skynet”: The Future Through the Lens of AI

The future will be driven by data and artificial intelligence. So, how does one of the world’s top data scientists and AI experts explain it to his mother? “You’ve seen Terminator, right, Mom? Well, it’s Skynet, but the happy version.” In this informative (and often humorous) explanation of our not-so-distant future, Dr. Severence MacLaughlin examines the technology and issues that will underpin everything in our daily life and work. From Siri-like personal assistants that generate a daily morning dashboard of insights-on-the-go to the ubiquitous question, “will robots take our jobs?” Dr. MacLaughlin provides an illuminating peek into what’s ahead.  The future is a combination of a sentient AI, robotics and a neural digital interface. This is not Star Trek. It is a future that's closer than you think!