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Poetry & Spoken Word:

Black Ice
Black Ice

Award-Winning Spoken Word Artist

The Tony, Peabody and Emmy Award-winning, six-time HBO Def Poet Black Ice is credited with being a major pioneer of this millennium in turning spoken word into a mainstream art form.

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Lemon  Andersen
Lemon Andersen

Poet & Actor

The subject of the acclaimed documentary Lemon, Lemon Andersen is taking the world of spoken word by storm with plays such as "ToasT" and "County of Kings."

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Azure  Antoinette
Azure Antoinette

Poet, Author & Millennial Advocate

Azure Antoinette uses performance poetry to explore some of life's most significant topics, including gender, ambition, aging, beauty, alienation, relationships, the effects of technology on culture and more.

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Nikki  Giovanni
Nikki Giovanni

Poet, Educator & Best-Selling Author

Since bursting onto the scene as a passionate, influential force in the Black Arts Movement, Nikki Giovanni remains one of the commanding voices gracing America’s political and poetic landscape today. 

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Sonia  Sanchez
Sonia Sanchez

Poet, Professor & Activist

Speaker Sonia Sanchez authored the American Book Award winner Homegirls and Handgrenades. She speaks on a variety of topics from racial justice to hip-hop.

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Mohammed  Bilal
Mohammed Bilal

Poet, Musician & Social Educator

A former cast member of MTV's Real World, Mohammed Bilal is a diversity consultant, musician and poet who has delivered diversity presentations and workshops worldwide to the likes of Lucent, Progressive and Boston College.

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The Color Orange
The Color Orange

Cross-Cultural Performance

In The Color Orange, long-time friends Mohammed Bilal and Josh "Boac" Goldstein challenge American notions by offering a vibrant new look at race, racism and how we get along.

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Joe  Hernandez-Kolski
Joe Hernandez-Kolski

Actor / Writer / Spoken Word Poet

Joe Hernandez-Kolski’s, aka "Pocho Joe," performances challenge while they entertain.  He combines poetry, comedy and his socio-political "Chicagoan" voice to create a talk that embraces the conundrums of the US.

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