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Richard  Carmona
Richard Carmona

17th Surgeon General & CEO, Canyon Ranch Health

From the corporate boardroom to the Oval Office, organizations have consistently turned to Dr. Carmona to drive change and transform cultures.

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John J.  Nance
John J. Nance

Authority on Patient Safety & Attorney

John J. Nance, a native Texan, licensed attorney, and decorated Air Force pilot veteran, is the author of five non-fiction books, 13 fiction books, and the major healthcare book, Why Hospitals Should Fly.

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Alexandra  Drane
Alexandra Drane

Co-Founder of Eliza Corporation

Alexandra Drane focused on using technology to help people live happier, healthier and more productive lives. Speaking with passion, humor and inspiration, she is one of the most sought-after healthcare speakers.

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Regina  Benjamin
Regina Benjamin

18th Surgeon General

As Surgeon General, Dr. Benjamin turned the spotlight on America’s obesity epidemic and launched the “Million Hearts Campaign” to prevent heart attacks. She continues to advocate for health and wellness.

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Dennis  Quaid
Dennis Quaid

Actor / Patient Safety Advocate

Dennis Quaid has established himself as a fixture on the silver screen. He has received honors from the New York Film Critics Circle, Independent Spirit Awards, the Emmys and the Screen Actor’s Guild.

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David  Nash
David Nash

Professor of Health Policy

David Nash, a Board Certified Internist, is the newly appointed Founding Dean of the Jefferson School of Population Health on the campus of Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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Regina  Holliday
Regina Holliday

Patient Rights Activist, Artist & Author

After losing her husband to a 17-year battle with cancer, speaker Regina Holliday became a passionate advocate for improving the patient experience. Her custom presentations often include her breathtaking artwork.

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Robert M. Wachter
Robert M. Wachter

Authority on Patient Safety & Healthcare Quality

A recognized leader in patient safety and healthcare quality, Dr. Robert M. Wachter holds the nation's first endowed chair in hospital medicine.

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