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Alden  Mills
Alden Mills

Entrepreneur, Navy SEAL Commander & Author

Alden Mills—a humble leader with abundant charisma and a teacher’s heart—brings his high-impact C.A.R.E. framework to life so leaders at every level can succeed sooner, more consistently, and with greater impact.

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David  Epstein
David Epstein

Best-Selling Author of The Sports Gene

The former Senior Writer for Sports Illustrated, Epstein is one of the top sports science and medicine journalists today. Now a reporter at ProPublica, he investigates what leads to athletic excellence.

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John  Foley
John Foley

Former Lead Solo Pilot, US Navy Blue Angels

As Lead Solo Pilot of the Blue Angels, the US Navy's Flight Demonstration Squadron made up of the top pilots, John Foley had to perform consistently as part of a team in an intense, high-stakes environment.

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Robyn  Benincasa
Robyn Benincasa

World Champion Adventure Racer &Author

A world champion adventure racer, firefighter and founder of World Class Teams, Flashover Seminars and the Project Athena Foundation, Robyn Benincasa accepts full blame for inspiring people to do insane things.

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Chip  Eichelberger
Chip Eichelberger

Peak Performance, Motivation & Sales Strategist

Formerly the Tony Robbins international point man, Chip Eichelberger specializes in customized, high energy, engaging, humorous and interactive opening, after meal and closing presentations.

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Eric  Boles
Eric Boles

Authority on Teamwork, Leadership & Development

A former NFL player and the president of Edge Learning Institute, a training and development company, Eric Boles is an authority on teamwork, leadership and personal development

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Mike  Abrashoff
Mike Abrashoff

Former Commander, USS Benfold & Author, It's Your Ship

Known for his innovative leadership style, former Navy commander Mike Abrashoff turned the worst-performing ship in the fleet to the best by changing his leadership style and the culture - not the crew

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Mike  Eruzione
Mike Eruzione

Captain of the 1980 Olympic US Hockey Team

Mike Eruzione led the US Hockey Team that beat the odds to win the Gold Medal at the 1980 Olympics. His decisive winning goal allowed the underdog US team to beat the Soviets and stun the world. 

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