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Alexandra  Cousteau
Alexandra Cousteau

Environmental Advocate & Water Policy Expert

A globally recognized advocate on water quality and policy, speaker Alexandra Cousteau continues the work of her grandfather Jacques-Yves and father Philippe Cousteau.

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Alison  Thompson
Alison Thompson

Humanitarian, Director, Author of The Third Wave

Thompson is most passionate about her humanitarian work, and is fondly known as the “Angel of Galle” in Sri Lanka, as well as having become the first official Ambassador to the Haitian Ministry of the Environment.

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Amy  Goodman
Amy Goodman

Host, Democracy Now!

Amy Goodman is the host and executive producer of the independent news program Democracy Now! She speaks on political, gender, human rights and economic issues as well as her book Breaking the Sound Barrier.

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Angela  Davis
Angela Davis

Feminist & Writer

One of America's foremost radical feminists, Angela Davis was on the FBI's 10 Most Wanted List in the '60s for her activism. She continues to speak out for equality.

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Bakari  Sellers
Bakari Sellers

CNN Political Analyst, Lawyer & Activist

Speaker Bakari Sellers views himself as a public servant who believes education, civil rights and equality are the cornerstones of our nation’s future.

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Caroline  Baron
Caroline Baron

Award-Winning Producer & Founder, FilmAid

Caroline Baron is a film producer whose credits include Capote and Monsoon Wedding, and the founder of FilmAid International, a nonprofit that serves Kosovo refugees in Macedonia

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Caroline  Casey
Caroline Casey

Founder of Kanchi & The Ability Awards

A visually impaired social entrepreneur working to enhance the relationship between disability and society, Caroline Casey has received several awards for her work worldwide.

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Herman  Boone
Herman Boone

Inspirational Football Coach

The memorable coach behind the hit film Remember the Titans, Boone transformed a racially divided football team into a united group of state champions. He delivers a message of respect and teamwork.

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