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Olympians & Paralympians:

Rulon  Gardner
Rulon Gardner

Olympic Gold Medalist

An amateur wrestler in the Greco-Roman discipline from the United States, Rulon Gardner is known for his defeat of Alexander Karelin in the 2000 Summer Olympics which won him the Gold.

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Bonnie  Blair
Bonnie Blair

Most Decorated US Athlete, Winter Olympics 

Success under pressure is the measure of a true champion. Bonnie Blair skated the 500-meter event of the 1988 Calgary Olympics faster than any woman, until she shattered her own record five years later.

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Mark  Spitz
Mark Spitz

Legendary Olympic Swimmer

Swimmer and speaker Mark Spitz won a record seven gold medals at the Munich Olympics despite terrorist attacks made against some of the Jewish athletes.

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Mike  Eruzione
Mike Eruzione

Captain of the 1980 Olympic US Hockey Team

Mike Eruzione led the US Hockey Team that beat the odds to win the Gold Medal at the 1980 Olympics. His decisive winning goal allowed the underdog US team to beat the Soviets and stun the world. 

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Dara  Torres
Dara Torres

Olympic Swimmer & Motivator

A motivator and champion swimmer, speaker Dara Torres shattered records and expectations by becoming the oldest female - at age 41 - to ever make the Olympic swim team.

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Dean  Brenner
Dean Brenner

Communication Expert & Sailing Champion

A leadership coach to Fortune 500 companies as well as Olympic sailing teams, speaker Dean Brenner teaches organizations how to lead more effectively.

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Dominique  Dawes
Dominique Dawes

Olympic Gymnast & Heart Health Advocate

Since her years as an Olympic athlete, Dawes has made it her mission to educate women about heart disease. She focuses on promoting physical activity, nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

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Sir Bradley  Wiggins
Sir Bradley Wiggins

Winner of Tour De France & Olympic Gold Medalist

In 2012, Sir Bradley Wiggins became the first British man to win the Tour De France, and created history by becoming the first person to win both the Tour and an Olympic gold medal in the same year.

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