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TED 2016: APB Speakers Take the Main Stage to Share Ideas Worth Spreading

16 Feb 2016

February is when the annual TED Conference is held in Vancouver, Canada, where 1,500 people attend talks highlighting TED’s three tenants—Technology, Entertainment, and Design. This year’s conference features three APB speakers: Parag Khanna, Hugh Evans and Tim Urban, who are presenting their “ideas worth spreading” on the main stage.

But it’s not just audiences that TED talks affect. When APB speaker David Pogue spoke with Sunday Morning, he turned the spotlight back on the speaker and how giving a talk affects them. TED speakers come from all walks of life, and they are not all household names like the aforementioned ones. But if you’re a TED speaker, you’re well aware that a great TED talk could further launch your career, brand, or message.

+ View David Pogue’s CBS Sunday Morning segment

Once each APB speaker takes the main TED stage this year, they will dare us to dream and to “make no small plans.”

Parag Khanna is the world’s leading geo-strategist, as well as a world traveler and bestselling author. His keynote speeches highlight how we connect with each other, the future of globalization and risk management on a global scale. His TED talk will focus on his new book, Connectography, and the stunning rise of connectivity as dominant force of the 21st century.

Hugh Evans is the co-founder and CEO of the Global Poverty Project, and listed on Forbes’ “30 under 30” list for his social entrepreneurship. With the Global Poverty Project, Evans’ TED talk will aim to end global poverty by encouraging social activism and being a Global Citizen. His keynote speeches share his perspective on social change, civic engagement and his experience with the Global Poverty Project.

Tim Urban is one of the most popular writers on the Internet, whose blog Wait But Why generates thoughtful comments from readers. His keynote speeches span a wide array of topics, including artificial intelligence, originality and communication. His hilarious, thought provoking and inspiring TED talk will investigate why procrastinators procrastinate.