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The Twelve Rules of Good Public Speaking No One Tells You About

12 Feb 2016

American Program Bureau is sharing Dr. Nick Morgan’s “The Twelve Rules of Good Public Speaking No One Tells You About” in this week’s featured blog post.

Dr. Nick Morgan opens up this blog post saying he gives out a lot of advice about public speaking—from everything to creating great speeches, delivering those speeches, and even building a professional speaking career. And while Dr. Morgans notes that knowing how to do those things are important to public speaking, there are other fundamental speaking lessons that are not always said aloud.

A few of his twelve unspoken rules include:

  • Always tell the truth.
  • Crush your topic.
  • By the end of the hour, you should be talking love.
  • You put your ideas out there, but you cannot control what the audience does with them.
  • Keep it fresh.
  • Keep practicing.

To read the other six unspoken rules, as well as learn more about the six above, read Dr. Morgan’s full post on his blog.