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APB Speaker John Brandt Says Storytelling Takes a Speech from Boring to Engaging

23 Feb 2016

APB speaker John Brandt recently weighed in on thought leadership in a post on LinkedIn. Brandt states that most thought leadership seems to be crafted not to engage and not to offend, but is instead “just another checked box on the annual marketing plan.” So how can a speaker take their keynote from dull to engaging?

Brandt, the former editor-in-chief of IndustryWeek and Chief Executive, does not believe the topic of thought leadership has to be lackluster, saying it should be fun and bring the audience to a surprised enlightenment. In his post, Brandt says that narrative structure, visual elements, and graphic presentation can transform thought leadership into engaging content.

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John Brandt’s public speaking is anything but boring. His unique presentation style combines wit, affability, and a fierce dedication to showing leaders how they can improve their bottom line and the lives of those around them. This award-winning humor columnist spins tales replete with in-depth management theory, strong personal experience, and unparalleled research and analysis — making him one of the most popular business speakers in the world.

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