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MLK Event Recap: APB Speakers Share Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Legacy

28 Jan 2016

Audiences from across the country heard thought-provoking, heartfelt and fascinating speeches from APB speakers who are committed to carrying on the legacy of the great Civil Rights pioneer, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. From racial profiling and its impact to lessons from Little Rock to creating understanding through the principles of MLK and becoming a transformational leader, these topics and others were addressed by APB speakers who inspired and empowered during their MLK Day and Black History Month events.


Ernest Green: Marist School

“…Green’s message was one of encouragement to Marist students—to propel not only themselves but also society forward and to help others feel they belong.”

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“Ernest Green challenges @MaristSchool to become change agents. He was and is the ultimate change agent, changing mindsets and society”

“Wow! What a great assembly. Thank you to the @MaristSchool diversity team for featuring Ernest Green. The 7th graders enjoyed his talk.”

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Diane Nash: MLK College Events

“When I’ve had decisions to make, I always try to make the decision that would make me admire the person I see in the mirror.”-Diane Nash

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“I would not be @SLU_Official if it not for the work of Diane Nash and the Civil Rights Act of 1964. #blessed”

“One thing I love about #highered is the opportunity to draw inspiration from great minds. So happy to hear Diane Nash speak today!”

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Juan Williams: Jackson State University

“You think about ‘Black Lives Matter,’ or police brutality, in terms of black communities, (and) you realize we are living history.”-Juan Williams

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“The 48th annual MLK convocation this morning was so good. The speaker, Juan Williams was everything.”

“Renowned journalist @TheJuanWilliams tells MLK convocation crowd to keep eyes on prize.”

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Michael Eric Dyson: Brooklyn Academy of Music

“Dr. Michael Eric Dyson is bringing the house down at the Dr. Martin Luther King Celebration at BAM.”

“A few of the meaningful words by @MichaelEDyson at @BAM_Brooklyn: ‘Dr. MLK Jr. would say telling the truth is risky but you have to do it.’”

“Dr. @MichaelEDyson was on fire today at @BAM_Brooklyn at the #MLKDay tribute! #BlackLivesMatter”

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Naomi Tutu: University of Michigan Ann Arbor

“What is it that you hear that others may be ignoring? The world doesn’t need the next Martin Luther King Jr. The world needs the next you.”-Naomi Tutu

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“Honored to hear @TutuNaomi speak. One of her messages: You don’t have to be globally famous to make a difference; be locally appreciated”

“@TutuNaomi delivered a powerful speech today on #WhoWillBeNext and #MLKDay It was a privilege and inspiration to be in attendance.”

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Wil Haygood: MLK College Events

“I really liked how he laid out the speech, told a very original story, but still related it to Martin Luther King and how Eugene Allen’s life is intertwined with MLK’s.”

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“Just watched the movie ‘The Butler’. AMAZING! I get to meet Mr. Wil Haygood tomorrow. Wow. Just wow.”

“@BGSUFalcons Wil Haygood was great! Keep bringing authors to campus! #BGSU #authorvisit”

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Sybrina Fulton: Clemson University

“I’m a mother and I speak to you as a mother.”-Sybrina Fulton

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“So glad Sybrina Fulton came to Clemson. As a Floridian, the murder of Trayvon and its aftermath have impacted how I live my life.”

“I really enjoyed hearing Sybrina Fulton last night. Unscripted, honest, engaging, and genuine #ClemsonMLK”

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Wes Moore: University of Nebraska-Lincoln

“I know I stand here right now because there are people who believed in me.” Wes Moore

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“Hold yourself & each other to high expectations & we can overcome anything! Great talk by @WesMoore1 at #ENThompsonForum. Time to go to work”

“So glad I got to hear @WesMoore1 speak tonight. His light & example will (and does) inspire so many! Thank you! #enthompsonforum”

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Charlayne Hunter-Gault: Susquehanna University

“Racism won’t go away, but you can mitigate the damage. We just have to keep trying”-Charlayne Hunter-Gault”

“Glad I went to the MLK day presentation today @SusquehannaU! Thankful to live in a country where critical change is allowed and promoted.”

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Clarence B. Jones: Northern California Grant Makers

“Great discussion of Dr. King’s legacy #DreamBoldly2016 @NorCalGrant with one of his speechwriters. Inspiring.”

“Powerful calls to ‘make it plain’ and take action from Dr. Clarence Jones last night. #dreamboldly2016”

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Cornel West: Tuskegee University

“I come from a people who believe that poor people are just as precious as anybody else.”-Dr. Cornel West, Tuskegee University Lyceum Series speaker”

“Dr. Cornel West was phenomenal!”

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Susan L. Taylor: Martin Luther King Jr. Breakfast Inc

“.@IamSusanLTaylor delivers inspiring and truly heartfelt speech highlighting Dr. King and standing for the right thing #MLKDAY#Columbusblack”

“Thanks to @IamSusanLTaylor for her inspirational words at today’s #MLKDay2016 celebration.”

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Angela Davis: Indiana University

“I feel so blessed to have heard Angela Davis speak. Amazing once-in-a-lifetime experience.”

“Dr. Angela Davis is EVERYTHING. She was brutally honest about the issues faced by minorities…A completely unapologetic black female…AMAZING. #AngelaDavis #blackgirlmagic ##MLKDinner”

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Nikki Giovanni: University of Chicago

“Going to see Nikki Giovanni speak tonight. I cannot tell you how amazing that feels. #womanistidol #poetdream2k16”

“I was not ready for Nikki Giovanni but she has my attention. Keep preaching, ma’am!”

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