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How To Create A Following For Your Speaking

25 Jan 2016

American Program Bureau is sharing Dr. Nick Morgan’s “How To Create A Following For Your Speaking” in this week’s featured blog post.

According to Dr. Nick Morgan, one of the essentials of creating a sustained public speaking career is to have an online community of people who support you and your ideas. This will lead to demand, which will, in turn, lead to bookings. Dr. Morgans says creating an online space where you can share your ideas, brand them, and market them can aid with this in a way that offline marketing cannot.

Dr. Morgan’s suggestions are to first assess your current digital footprint and see where you show up on the Internet. After assessing your online presence, begin to create content. This can mean making a Facebook fan page, starting a blog, or posting videos to YouTube. And finally, start a conversation. Engage with people who are a part of your field and connect with them.

Read more specific suggestions and insight in Dr. Nick Morgan’s full blog post.