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Celebrating Black History Month

01 Feb 2018

Celebrating Black History Month

Many of our speakers attribute their opportunities, successes and passion for change to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Founded during the height of the American Civil Rights Movement in 1965, APB is honored to have worked with Dr. King during his lifetime, as well as many other civil rights leaders that who shared his vision. Devoted to spreading positive messages about love and equality, our speakers continue to honor Dr. King's legacy:

MICHAEL ERIC DYSON | Public Intellectual & Best-Selling Author

Michael Eric Dyson gave a sermon at Duke Chapel as a way of celebrating MLK Day:

“Martin Luther King said impossibly difficult things for people to hear because it was necessary. He was a man of love and spoke these pressing words, risking his life, in the name of justice. He continues to be an inspiration to contemporary leaders and movements for justice to this day. It is in this tradition that Take A Knee, Black Lives Matter, and other movements follow...”

CORNEL WEST | Public Intellectual & Groundbreaking Author

Dr. West gave a speech at WGBH’s Forum Network to honor Dr. King’s memory and remind his audience that his work is still unfinished:

“King was a product of black prophetic tradition, full of fire in his bones, love in his heart, light in his mind, and courage in his soul. He’s not an isolated icon on a pedestal to be viewed as some figure in a museum. Let us learn from him and from them all.”

WES MOORE | Best-Selling Author, Social Entrepreneur & Motivational Leader

Wes Moore tweeted out a birthday message to Dr. King:

“Life’s most persistent & urgent question is what are you doing for others’ #MLK We honor Dr. King’s legacy through our persistent fight for what is right & an unwavering heart & spirit in service of our nation’s most vulnerable. Happy Birthday Dr. King.”

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