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APB Speakers Attend Annual World Economic Forum Meeting, Discuss a More Inclusive Future

29 Jan 2018

APB Speakers Attend Annual World Economic Forum Meeting

Drawing industry leaders from around the globe, this year's World Economic Forum meeting focused on the theme of "Creating a Shared Future in a Fractured World." As some of the top influencers in their fields, several APB speakers were in attendance, working together to improve the culture of business and its ripple effects on the 99 percent. Here are a few of the highlighted attendees:

Sophia | Advanced Humanoid

Sophia has been the technology world’s topic of conversation as the most advanced robot prototype ever. The Ukrainian ICO startup, Hacken, hosted a groundbreaking discussion on the Fintech industry and the future development of finance architecture. As the panel’s speaker, Sophia discussed the safety of artificial intelligence and its impact on different spheres of people’s lives.

Tina Brown | CEO of Live Media & Founder of The Daily Beast & Women in the World

From acclaimed editor to the rarefied ranks of female CEOs, Brown is a trailblazer who battled harsh competition to find great success in the male-dominated world of business. This year at the WEC meeting, she met with Mahindra Chairman Anand Mahindra to discuss the #MeToo Movement and the broader topic of women’s empowerment around the globe.

Soraya Darabi | Serial Entrepreneur, Angel Investor & Trends Spotter

As one of Fast Company’s “most creative people in business,” Trail Mix Ventures founder Darabi has an eye for spotting tomorrow’s hottest trends in digital consumerism. At this year's meeting, Darabi—also the creator of Zady, the mission-driven brand often called “The Whole Foods of Fashion”discussed the millennial generation and creating a better future for all young people.

Nicholas Kristof | Pulitzer Prize-Winning New York Times Columnist

In his opinion piece for The New York Times, “Is the Business World All About Greed?”, Kristof describes the conference as a representation of the positive changes younger generations are bringing to business. In addition, he interviewed actor and Crystal Award honoree Cate Blanchett on her vision of the world and how forcibly displaced persons should be part of the conversation.