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APB's Chris Hughes Weighs in on Fixing Facebook

11 May 2018

APB's Chris Hughes Weighs in on Fixing Facebook

APB's Chris Hughes, former college roommate of Mark Zuckerberg and key figure in the creation of Facebook, has some suggestions on how to regain control over Facebook, which recently faced a data collection scandal.

In a conversation with Observer, Hughes proposed the idea of a “data dividend,” in which Facebook pays its two billion users as a method of reward for sharing personal data with advertisers. “The margins of businesses like Facebook are through the roof. And the CEO is just saying, ‘Oh, but you get to use the service for free.’ In reality, all of that data is not only valuable now, but, with coming artificial intelligence, can be even more valuable in the future,” Hughes explained.

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Best known as one of the founders of Facebook and as the legendary digital architect of President Obama’s campaign, Hughes is always at the intersection of politics and technology. An engaging speaker and passionate advocate, he offers bold ideas and outlines visionary solutions. 

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