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Speakers for Your Fall Alzheimer's Awareness Event

21 May 2018

Speakers for Your Fall Alzheimer's Awareness Event

Now is the time to start planning for your Fall Alzheimer's Awareness event. Check out some of our leading voices on the topic:

KIM CAMPBELL | Alzheimer's Awareness Advocate
The wife of late pop-country music legend Glen Campbell, Kim faced her greatest challenge in 2011 when she watched her husband be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Having supported him through the tumultuous hardships that accompany the disease, she is now a tireless, influential voice for all people living with Alzheimer’s. An impassioned speaker who has an intimate understanding of the complex challenges faced by people living with early to advanced stages of Alzheimer’s, Kim connects with audiences as she shares personal anecdotes with honesty, grace and humor. +View Profile

SELMA BLAIR | Actress Whose Mother Has Alzheimer's
Acclaimed for films such as Legally Blonde, Cruel Intentions, The Sweetest Thing and the sitcom Zoe, Blair is also the daughter of a mother with Alzheimer’s. She recently began sharing her mother’s story, her family’s caregiving experiences and her own sense of helplessness during it all. +View Profile

NELSON DELLIS | 4x USA Memory Champion & Leading Memory Expert
A sought-after memory consultant and Alzheimer's activist, Dellis was inspired by the passing of his grandmother from Alzheimer's to start training his memory. He explores the importance of mental and physical fitness, proper diet and social involvement in proper memory care. +View Profile

LEE WOODRUFF | Author & Journalist
Woodruff witnessed her father’s devastating, decade-long struggle with Alzheimer’s and the emotional and physical toll it took on her mother as the primary caregiver. Sharing personal stories and hard-won wisdom, she connects with audiences as one who has truly been there can. +View Profile

COLIN McENROE | Host, Award-Winning Colin McEnroe Show
When his mother, an Alzheimer’s patient, started to decline, McEnroe was left to make important decisions about her future. Realizing how few are prepared for this responsibility, he opens our eyes to advanced patient-directed care strategies to ensure patients get the care they want. +View Profile

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