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David Pogue Shares the Intricacies of a Data Cleanse in 'The New York Times'

06 Feb 2019

David Pogue Discusses Data Cleanse in 'The New York Times'

APB speaker, disruptive future and technology columnist and New York Times Columnist David Pogue informs his audiences on how to get your digital life in order. Whether he’s covering self-driving cars, IoT, or artificial intelligence, he shares highly valuable content with all audiences.

In his article, How to Do a Data ‘Cleanse’, Pogue discuses his four tips on how to checkup on your own data: back up your data, make sure your photos are safe, clean your machine, and keep your software up-to-date. This is particularly important to professionals and corporations to ensure a better future for their life’s data. According to David, the easiest solution for all of this is an automatic, continuous backup system—something only 6% of people have.

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One of our most sought-after speakers on technology and disruption, Pogue has a broad appeal to general, business and tech audiences alike. Drawing from his expansive knowledge, he provides invaluable insights on how technology impacts our work, businesses and connections with each other. Audiences leave as informed as they are entertained, with an enlightened perspective of the state of technology today—and how it’s shaping everyone’s tomorrow. 

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