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APB Speaker Carl Bernstein Shares Thoughts on Current State of Affairs & President Trump

28 Jan 2019

APB Speaker Carl Bernstein Shares Thoughts on President Trump

Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporter and CNN political analyst, APB speaker Carl Bernstein penned an honest article on President Donald Trump, claiming that he is unfit to be President. Bernstein and many other members of the GOP have reached a consensus on President Trump’s inadequacy. “It’s all one big one story and that story is about the fitness or unfitness of Donald Trump to be president of the United States,” Bernstein said.

On his appearance of CNN’s Reliable Sources, Bernstein stated that President Trump is unfit for three reasons: his contempt of the law, psychological factors and his poor conduct of foreign policy. Bernstein maintains that more and more people, especially Republicans, are now seeing that Trump is unfit to serve as President.  

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Few journalists in America’s history have had the impact on history and their craft as Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporter Carl Bernstein. From uncovering the Watergate scandal to writing about national and international affairs for more than 40 years, Bernstein’s books, reporting and commentary have revealed the inner-workings of government and politics, and told the hidden stories of Washington and its leaders. Drawing parallels between the past and the events of today, Bernstein consistently speaks truth to power, sharing rich historical context and captivating stories from his legendary career.

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