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APB's Alex “Sandy” Pentland’s Company Cogito Featured in "TIME"

17 Jul 2019

APB's Alex “Sandy” Pentland’s Company Cogito Featured in "TIME"

Best known for his groundbreaking research at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), APB speaker Alex “Sandy” Pentland and his artificial intelligence (AI) company, Cogito, is featured in TIME.  

Cogito, founded by Pentland in 2007, is an AI program that is designed to help customer service workers communicate more clearly, empathize with frustrated customers and improve overall performance. It is based off Pentland’s research, famously published in his book Honest Signals. Pentland identified universal vocal quality “signals” that form a second channel of communication revolving around “social relations.” Cogito uses these principles to listen to the tone, pitch, word frequency and hundreds of other factors to help customer service workers effectively communicate with customers.  

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A widely respected professor and researcher, Pentland fascinates audiences with compelling explorations of the world of AI. A leader in the ever-changing industry, he shows audiences that by “reading” our social networks, we can more easily achieve our goals and boost our performance. 

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