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APB’s David Pogue Teaches Us How to Manage Living & Working From Home During COVID-19

01 Apr 2020

How to Manage Living & Working From Home During COVID-19

Are you getting tired of being at home 24/7? APB speaker and CBS Sunday Morning contributor David Pogue answers the question: How do I live and work from home without going stir crazy? 

On a recent CBS Sunday Morning segment that he recorded and edited himself, Pogue focuses on the two luxuries of working from home. These include high speed internet and video chatting apps. He says that the most important thing one can do during COVID-19 is to seek social contact. Keeping connections strong can be done not only using Zoom to talk to coworkers, but also through Facetime to talk to loved ones. He mentions trying to talk about anything other than the coronavirus can help too.  

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David Pogue is a master communicator who brings even the most non-technical audiences up to speed. COVID-19 showed the world that teleworking can become a reality. However, Pogue wants everyone to know that social distancing does not mean house arrest, and that people should go outside. Says Pogue, “Take walks with people who live with you. Keep clear of other people, of course, but try to get out there every day!”  

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