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APB’s Nora McInerny on "WTF" Podcast Talking Grief, Loss & New Beginnings

01 Jul 2020

APB’s Nora McInerny on "WTF" Podcast Talking Grief, Loss & New Beginnings

Creator and host of the popular podcast Terrible Thanks for Asking, and the speaker with the 4th most popular TED Talk of 2019, Nora McInerny specializes in difficult conversations: death, loss, illness, mental health, trauma, change, and how to move forward with grief with resilience, joy, love and humor. She recently joined Marc Maron on his podcast, WTF.

As Marc dealt with his own personal grief, he looked around the internet for some guidance on coping with loss. He then came across Nora’s popular TED talk, where she talked about losing her father, her husband and miscarrying her second baby within the span of a few weeks. Nora and Marc talk about processing the harsh realities of life while working on a way to find new beginnings. 

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A prolific creator, McInerny wrote the critically acclaimed memoir It’s Okay to Laugh (Crying is Cool Too). Leading a new cultural conversation on emotional honesty and empathy, she relates to her audiences through the authenticity of her words (and her signature wit), hoping to help others find resiliency and joy after loss. She has appeared before audiences ranging from business schools and corporations to community and healthcare organizations, engaging with audiences on a personal and universally human level. 

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