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APB Speaker & Champion Snowboarder Kevin Pearce Featured on "TODAY"

14 Jul 2020

APB Speaker & Champion Snowboarder Kevin Pearce Featured on "TODAY"

APB speaker Kevin Pearce went from being an Olympic gold medal hopeful to suffering a severe traumatic brain injury (TBI) that nearly took his life during a training run for the Olympics. Now, ten years later, Pearce sat down with TODAY to share his story about reclaiming his identity and how he has since found new purpose with his social movement and foundation, Love Your Brain. By drawing from his own unwavering optimism, the love of his family, and the support of numerous healthcare professionals and caregivers, Kevin uses his foundation to show how others can make the same, amazing progress he did.

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In his keynote speeches, Kevin Pearce shares his remarkable journey and the valuable life lessons he has learned along the way. Connecting with all types of audiences—from caregivers to the cared-for—he encourages listeners to follow their passions and never give up hope.

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